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Asset & Inventory Tracking optimization factor

How targeted use in the manufacturing industry creates cost savings and improved processes.

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This whitepaper provides information in the following areas:

  • Production must become more flexible
  • What Asset & Inventory Tracking (AIT) can do
  • Information source load carrier
  • Measurable advantages
  • Available technologies
  • Overall concepts bring additional added value
  • How to get started with AIT
  • Fields of application in manufacturing companies
  • The right partner for your project

*note, currently this whitepaper is only available in German version

About the Whitepaper

Medium-sized manufacturing companies are used to working flexibly and efficiently. This is especially true when they act as suppliers for large industrial companies. Then expectations are high not only for quality, but also for delivery reliability and the distinctive ability to meet requirements that arise at short notice.

These expectations are increasing even more as a result of digitization. Manufacturing cannot ignore this development. Instead of accelerating individual production steps, which is highly complex and not possible in every case, AIT eliminates manual intermediate steps. Ensuring the availability of the parts required in each case and always knowing their location is an essential step in reducing its throughput times, optimizing the utilization of machines and speeding up processes overall. The easiest way to achieve this is through holistic AIT.

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Nikolaus Jesch

IoT Solution Manager, A1 Digital