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With our 100% European cloud platform Exoscale, we offer you an attractive partnership in the regional cloud business. Provide your customers with additional services and thus increase your business potential. Exoscale is the perfect environment to develop and run your business solutions, and offers everything for cloud-native applications. Get a competitive edge - and get attractive discounts on using the Exoscale platform from A1 Digital.

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The benefits of the cloud platform Exoscale

Simple & fast

Exoscale is intuitive to use and horizontally scalable. Servers can be deployed in less than 30 seconds.

Open Source

Exoscale is part of the Open Source Developer Community and especially well suited for Docker, Ranger and Kubernetes.

"As a regional IaaS provider, A1 Digital offers innovative and scalable services for digital cloud projects. As part of our Partner Program, our Partners use Exoscale, a state-of-the-art native cloud platform. In doing so, we not only support our Partners with marketing measures, but also with the development of new cloud-based business applications for their customers."

Wolfgang Brücker, Senior Partner Manager at A1 Digital
Modern, scalable and secure. Exoscale offers the optimal solution for applications in the cloud. The trick: the data is stored exclusively in Europe.

Exoscale is a flexible and state-of-the-art cloud platform that provides the right environment for developing and running your business solutions. Renowned companies such as Swisscom or the CERN nuclear research center are already successfully using Exoscale. No wonder, because the focus in the development was on data protection, data security and simplicity. In addition, Exoscale is not subject to the Patriot Act, as the company is 100% located in Europe. And that pays off for your regional cloud business. The partnership enables you to offer your customers attractive services and products in a secure, regional cloud.

Become an A1 Digital Partner: Benefit from competitive advantages and attractive discounts

Expand your market potential with additional services. Exoscale is based on a highly reliable and scalable architecture. The flexible and state-of-the-art cloud platform provides you with a suitable environment to develop and operate your business solutions. What's more, Exoscale is the ideal foundation for cloud projects with modern container architecture, intuitive and horizontally scalable. Servers can be deployed in less than 30 seconds.

The goal is to provide simple, scalable and affordable cloud infrastructure services with the IaaS platform. Get a unique competitive advantage with the affiliate program. You can also benefit from the attractive discounts available after

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In this short video you will learn everything you need to know about the cloud platform Exoscale and your opportunities to become an A1 Digital Partner.

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Wolfgang Brücker

Senior Partner Manager