For the container platform APPUiO, VSHN AG relies on cloud hosting from A1 Digital and Exoscale

The numbers are impressive: Since 2014, VSHN AG supports more than 200 different partners with more than 900 servers in the cloud. This makes VSHN the leading Swiss Partner for DevOps, Docker, Kubernetes, OpenShift and 24/7 Cloud Operations. Based on the DevOps concept, VSHN system engineers work with developers to create scalable, easy-to-deploy web applications. VSHN operates web applications with focus on security, availability and automation of development processes on different cloud platforms in Switzerland and worldwide. VSHN has been using the cloud platform Exoscale since 2015. Exoscale is a cloud hosting platform with a flexible and scalable IT infrastructure that enables businesses to deliver their cloud-based services. VSHN uses Exoscale for customers where they operate managed server or APPUiO instances on the APPUiO container platform and who have to rely on the data storage location Switzerland or have to set it for regulatory reasons.

"The technical capabilities available at Exoscale enable us to offer our OpenShift-based APPUiO platform to our customers."

Patrick Mathers, CEO & Partner at VSHN AG
Flexible in use and easy to use

Due to the simple and fast horizontal as well as vertical scalability of the server resources and the necessary technical framework for the operation of APPUiO, VSHN uses Exoscale, for example, for the cloud hosting of a large Swiss software company. The company had previously outsourced its platform, on which it uses the Platform as a Service, to VSHN.

In addition to state-of-the-art cloud technologies, such as Object Storage, Exoscale convinces customers with the highly redundant set-up of resources that can be spread across multiple geographic locations, as well as the easy-to-use control panel that gives them full control over all related resources. In addition, VSHN's customers appreciate the ability to build, manage and scale their own server landscapes independently, fully automatically and without the additional support of Exoscale or VSHN.

"The technical capabilities available at Exoscale enable us to offer our OpenShift-based APPUiO platform to our customers. Add to that the scalability of Exoscale. It allows us to respond quickly to the changing needs of our customers in terms of required resources, "says Patrick Mathers, CEO & Partner of VSHN AG. Another plus that speaks for Exoscale is for him the location in Switzerland. "This gives us the opportunity to process regulated data with APPUiO and to offer APPUiO in Switzerland at an attractive price."

Partnership at eye level

Stefan van Randenborgh, Director of Partner Management at A1 Digital International GmbH, knows the reasons for the successful partnership with VSHN AG: "As a regional IaaS partner, A1 Digital offers innovative and scalable services for digital cloud projects. As part of our affiliate program, our partners use Exoscale, a state-of-the-art native cloud platform. In doing so, we not only support our partners with marketing activities, but also with the development of new cloud-based business applications for their customers. "

A partnership that pays off through the bundled expertise: "With VSHN AG, one of the leading companies in the field of web applications and cloud infrastructures according to the DevOps approach is one of our partners, which we are very pleased about," says Stefan van Randenborgh adds: "VSHN is a very successful combination of an outstanding understanding of technological developments and standards, with the promise of the highest quality and broad cloud hosting expertise."

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