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As a Referral Partner you recommend our products to your customers and receive a commission. In addition to the Exoscale cloud platform A1 Digital also offers a wide range of cloud solutions. Moreover A1 Digital has many years of experience in Managed Connectivity, Fleet Management and Asset Tracking. The benefits are obvious: your customers benefit from a secure and regional cloud business solution on the Exoscale platform or with Managed Connectivity from a worldwide data exchange via SIM cards.

Our recommendation: Extend the digital capabilities of your customers with Exoscale and recommend us.

As a Referral Partner you recommend your customers to use the services of A1 Digital. Exoscale provides the fitting cloud environment for developing and running business solutions. Especially for medium-sized companies, the use of a regional cloud solution is important. That's why the Exoscale platform's focus has been on privacy, data security and simplicity. This makes the cloud applications safe on the one hand - and at the same time easy for anyone to use.

After registration you can encourage your customers to use Exoscale by sending them a personalized link through the online platform. This allows the recommendation to be tracked directly and assigned to your account. Your advantage: You do not have to worry about the billing because the billing takes place directly with your end customer. If actively used, you will receive a commission as a Partner of A1 Digital based on a 12-month usage period.

Inform your customers about the unique capabilities of Exoscale and recommend us.

"For many customers based in Germany it is important that their data is stored exclusively in Europe. A partner like A1 Digital can provide that security."

Wolfgang Brücker, Senior Partner Manager at A1 Digital
Provide advanced solutions to your portfolio with the Managed Connectivity solution from A1 Digital

Differentiate yourself from your competitors: connect your solutions with Managed Connectivity or use other services from A1 Digital and receive a commission for a referral to your customers. These benefit from individual pricing in turn.

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Wolfgang Brücker

Senior Partner Manager