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Become a Value Added Reseller and take advantage of the benefits of Exoscale and Managed Services: for example, the Partner Program enables you to develop your projects and business solutions in a secure and regional cloud, or implement IoT solutions and services for your customers. With our wide range of products, you can expand your own portfolio and sell your end customers an overall solution that is optimally tailored to their needs - and also benefit from attractive discounts.

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Value Added Reseller specializing on Exoscale

Extend your market potential with additional services: Using the Exoscale cloud platform, we offer an attractive partnership in the regional cloud business. Exoscale is the right environment to develop and run your business solutions. Get a unique competitive advantage - and receive an attractive discount on the use of the Exoscale platform.

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Value Added Reseller specializing in Managed Connectivity

With years of experience and hundreds of thousands of connected devices worldwide, our connectivity solutions support your customers on their way to digitization. Managed Connectivity also offers interesting reselling models for you as a Partner. A1 Digital provides specially designed and individually branded M2M SIM cards for appropriate applications, which transmit data, voice and text messages and centrally manage them.

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"A1 Digital's scalable and affordable cloud services enable our Partners to develop the best solutions for your business success."

Mentor Sefedini, Senior Partner Manager A1 Digital

Partner Program for Managed Connectivity

Networked worldwide and very individual: Use Managed Connectivity from A1 Digital for your customer projects

A1 Digital helps you to realize the business ideas of your customers and to network products. As a Partner, you can use attractive reselling models with our Managed Connectivity. Thus, specially developed machine-to-machine SIM cards are available for corresponding applications. The individually branded cards also transfer data and SMS directly between machines and locations - worldwide, because roaming ensures optimal worldwide network coverage. All SIM cards can be managed easily and centrally. And, of course, our support is available to you and your customers around the clock, seven days a week.

Partner Program for Exoscale

Modern, scalable and secure. Exoscale offers the optimal solution for applications in the cloud. The trick: the data is stored in Europe only.

Exoscale is a flexible and state-of-the-art cloud platform that provides the right environment for developing and running your business solutions. Renowned companies such as Swisscom or the CERN nuclear research center are already successfully using Exoscale. No wonder, because the focus in the development was on data protection, data security and simplicity. In addition, Exoscale is not subject to the Patriot Act, as the company is 100% located in Europe. And that pays off for your regional cloud business. The partnership enables you to offer your customers attractive services and products in a secure, regional cloud.

Become an A1 Digital Partner: Benefit from competitive advantages and attractive discounts

Expand your market potential with additional services. Exoscale is based on a highly reliable and scalable architecture. The flexible and state-of-the-art cloud platform provides a suitable environment to develop and operate your business solutions. What's more, Exoscale is the ideal foundation for cloud projects with modern container architecture, intuitive and horizontally scalable. Servers can be deployed in less than 30 seconds.

The goal is to provide simple, scalable and affordable cloud infrastructure services with the IaaS platform. With our affiliate program you can benefit from attractive discounts based on the amount of your monthly sales. Have we sparked your interest in a partnership?

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In this video you will learn everything you need to know about the Exoscale cloud platform and your opportunities to become part of the A1 Digital Partner Community.

Questions about our value added reseller program

With the A1 Digital Cloud Platform, Exoscale, you can offer your customers services and products in a secure, regional cloud. Exoscale makes cloud applications safe and easy for anyone - and provides the ideal foundation for building cloudnative applications. With the secure and scalable European platform, you can immediately start developing business applications for your customers. In less than 30 seconds, a virtual server can be set up. Services are fully automated through a powerful API. Further advantages: fast loading times, uncompromising performance through SSD deployment and with 99.95 percent availability an outstanding SLA. Developing your own solution on the Exoscale platform gives you a unique competitive advantage. Exoscale as a flexible and state-of-the-art cloud platform provides the right environment for developing and running your business solutions.

With Managed Connectivity, your customer projects have the ability to deploy special A1M-designed M2M SIM cards that send data to a management platform. This allows data and SMS to be transmitted around the clock between machines and locations around the globe. Managed Connectivity provides optimal worldwide network coverage through roaming. With SIMplify as a SIM card center you can manage all SIM cards easily and centrally. In addition, the SIM cards receive an individual branding. We also provide 24/7 support for you and your customers.

As a Value Added Reseller specializing in Exoscale, you will receive discounted rates when using the Exoscale cloud platform. As a registered reseller, you can download training materials, complete trainings, or download presentation materials to your customers on our A1 Digital Partner Portal. We also provide you with personalized assistance from our marketing department, which has the expertise and the partner management team to assist you, from product training to customer appointments.

Read more about the successes of our partners in our reference stories. Here we describe how our partners work with Exoscale.

Contact our partner management team via the form at the bottom of the page. Together, we go through the programs and find the best way to work together.

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