Edge Computing - The Digitisation Solution for Time-Critical Applications

Edge Computing will enable medium-sized companies to digitise processes based on real-time data processing. Applications in manufacturing, logistics, maintenance and service will especially benefit from the new technology.

Edge means the cloud comes to your company. To the Edge of your network. 

The main advantage of the technology is that it eliminates latencies that arise when systems have to wait for each other. If the waiting time is too long, the data communication is interrupted and there are disturbances in the process. The image begins to lag during a sports broadcast or on smart glasses. The machines no longer react in a production line. 

First, this happens, when the application that analyses the data is not powerful enough because the underlying infrastructure is not sufficiently dimensioned. We solve this problem with our high-performance, scalable Exoscale Cloud.  

Or secondly, if the data does not come back to the processing application quickly enough and the results do not return to the data producer because the connection has too little bandwidth or because transport to the data centre would take too much time. This is where Edge technology comes into play 

For example: A production plant collects data about the operation via a number of built-in sensors. Temperatures, processing speed, properties of parts and materials. Analysis of the data shows that there is a defect in the control unit. In the past, the analysis process would have taken a long time. The service technician would have either changed the part too early on suspicion or the defect would have surprised the operations manager.  

The digitalised solution signals the problem to the service department in good time, which can then replace the defective part. Operation is only minimal and interrupted as planned.  

The system immediately and continuously transmits the data it collects to the A1 Digital Edge Server via a fast network connection. Incidentally, the fast connection of machines is a typical application for the fast mobile phone technology 5G.  

The Edge Servers are connected to the Exoscale Cloud. They run cloud-based applications on the edge of your network, not in remote data centres. The Edge Servers immediately and continuously analyse the data they receive from the production plant in real time and continuously feed this back to the plant or service technicians in the form of maintenance instructions or alarms.  

Edge computing is the foundation for a wide range of applications, such as for self-optimising machines where edge servers take over the execution logic of industrial controls. Wherever it is necessary to quickly draw conclusions from large amounts of data, Edge Computing shows its advantages.  

Everyone is talking about the European cloud; we operate it. With sophisticated, secure systems based on the Exoscale Cloud with data centres in Bulgaria, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Edge is now available at A1 Digital.  

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