Freight trains become "smart"

Everything on track! Together with the Rail Cargo Group we started the #SmartCargo project.

By the end of 2020, around 13,700 RCG freight cars will be gradually becoming smarter with telematics devices. On March 15, Clemens Först, CEO of the Rail Cargo Group, started the test phase with the first unit being attached to one of the freight cars. This "groundbreaking" project will enable new services and significantly improved maintenance coordination via the A1 Digital IoT platform.

In the Interview you see:

  • Clemens Först (Vorstandssprecher der RCG)
  • Judith Pertl (Leitung Digital Solutions & Platforms A1 Digital)
  • Martin Resel (Director Business Unit Enterprise A1)
  • Stefan Mahlknecht (Geschäftsführer CargoMon Systems)
  • Martin Zsifkovits (Projektleitung RCA)