Going further with Kubernetes: continuous deployment pipeline and persistent storage

After the successful launch of "Exoscale - SKS Scalable Kubernetes Service" on Feb. 16, developers are getting their money's worth. COO and co-founder Antoine Coetsier opens with the roadmap and the outlook on how Kubernetes will be further developed at Exoscale. In the Live Tech Session on the brand new Kubernetes service, we get deep into the topic with Exoscale Senior Software Engineer Wouter Dullaert and the cloud Solution Architect Denis Arnst . Topics will be Continuous Deployment with Scalable Kubernetes Service, Live Demo with ArgoCD und Block Storage on SKS - Longhorn Use Case. Ask our experts your questions live in the Q&A session. Secure one of the limited seats in the free online session!"

Antoine Coetsier, COO & Co-Founder of Exoscale

Antoine Coetsier is co-founder and COO of Exoscale. Antoine is dedicated to create and build highly industrialised and secured innovative businesses. With more than 20 years experience in the service provider business, Antoine oversees business and operations aspects of the Exoscale cloud platform. Prior to bootstrapping Exoscale in 2011, he has brought innovation in IT resources of the telecom industry at Bouygues Telecom. Later he has launched one of the first European cloud computing offering in 2009 dedicated to press and media.

Denis Arnst, Cloud Solution Architect, A1 Digital (Exoscale)

Already privately operating server and cloud software enabled Denis to quickly enter the world of cloud. Originally based in Amazon Web Services and IT Security, he is now involved with the concept of the modern European Cloud. Denis is particularly characterized by his everlasting curiosity and holds a Master Of Science (MSc) with a focus in IT Security, awarded by the University of Passau.

Wouter Dullaert, Senior Software Engineer at Exoscale

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