From Administration to Production - How digitisation eases the load on SMEs

In the course of digitisation, the value creation chain is newly organised and managed throughout the whole product life cycle. Processes can be made more efficient, the environment and resources can be conserved and costs can be saved. By linking people, machines and the latest
information and communication technology, you end up with dynamic and self-organising inter-company value creation networks.

Well, that’s the theory. But what specifically will digital transformation to industry 4.0 bring to SMEs?

Alongside cost savings (especially in IT), predominantly comprehensive relief throughout the whole company. There is almost no area of your organisation where processes will not become more streamlined and more flexible thanks to digital tools, increasing their contribution to the company’s success. Collaboration platforms, cloud computing, robotics, RFID systems and new radio standards all have a multifaceted impact, relieving the burden on departments:

  • Routine tasks are no longer required or their scope is
    significantly reduced.
  • Physically labour-intensive tasks must no longer be
    carried out by humans alone.
  • Communication will become seamless, and updates
    are available in real time.
  • Filing, storing and searching for documents of all
    kinds will be considerably easier


In almost every company area, various levels of relief will be observed. The initial steps necessary will differ as well. What they all have in common is that a structured approach, courageous decisions and the right partners will quickly achieve palpable effects. These will contribute to increasing your employees’ satisfaction, making them generate more value as they work, so your company is more successful in the long term. [...] 

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