Whitepaper: Regional Cloud - Your Local Data Cloud

For SMEs, the future of digitisation is in the regional cloud.

Just a few years ago, cloud technology was considered exotic in many companies. No wonder: after all, it’s a big step to move processes, data and development to external data centres. Internal data was hoarded like treasure - and capital was poured into hardware, development and safety in house. But it has since been proven that, for most of a business’ IT requirements, a cloud solution is more efficient, higher performance and, last but not least, cheaper in the long term than an internal data centre. Companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google offer the required infrastructure worldwide. A multitude of tools help migrate whole processes to the cloud - and make them more efficient.

What makes the cloud so interesting? Overall, IT costs are reduced by the use of a cloud solution. Even the investment costs for the procurement and operation of hardware are considerably lower and can be managed more flexibly. The magic formula is ‘pay per use’: in many cases, costs are incurred only when in use. But the benefits don’t stop there: with a cloud, development and operational environments can be provided more quickly. Data is secured several times over and the provider’s hardware is always up to date - without the customer being aware of the upgrade.

Despite this and other benefits outlined in detail in this white paper, many SMEs are still shying away from transitioning to the cloud - especially out of security concerns. These fears aren’t completely without merit, as many cloud providers and their servers are based outside the EU - which has data protection implications. For decision makers shying away from an external IT infrastructure provider for these reasons, there’s still good news: these concerns don’t apply to a regional cloud.


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