Cost savings in IT through digitization: reduce your expenses and increase efficiency and productivity in IT and in the company

With the increasing digitisation of businesses, more and more is required of IT departments. It might not be the sole driver of digital  transformation, but it’s where everything comes together. And the level of responsibility faced by this department in processing this mega trend is suitably high. There are also very good opportunities for IT to palpably reduce costs in the long term. After all, many SMEs believe that digitisation does nothing more effectively than cost money. This prejudice is often so widely spread that it prevents some SMEs from beginning their projects. So, don’t let the cost argument come between you and digital transformation. Countless studies, case studies and expert opinions in this white paper show that IT can use digitisation to sustainably reduce expenses - while improving efficiency and productivity.

The two major challenges facing it

The impacts of digitisation can be felt in all areas of a company. It begins with strategy and business models, transverses organisation and department structures and even changes processes and systems. This means IT is facing two fundamental challenges:

  1.  A digitised company needs an IT department with forward-thinking skills (outsourcing, cloud computing), and the demand for IT services is becoming more dynamic and time-critical
  2. That’s why IT’s vision of itself must change: from an executer to a designer. After all, who if not this department should tackle things proactively? Digitisation is practically part of their job description.


In implementing these tasks, you have a major opportunity. Read on to find out how you can put this into practice and not only give your people a new image of themselves, but also make a significant contribution to your company’s future-proofing. [...]

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