SD-WAN: The Foundation for Digital Change

SD-WAN: The Foundation for Digital Change

Digitization provides countless options to optimize existing products and processes, to use company assets more efficiently, and to save costs. Even more promising is the wide range of possibilities to develop completely new, disruptive business models and value chains. But any of this can work only if a suitable network infrastructure is in place. A Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) best meets the requirements of tomorrow.

With its new and partly disruptive demands, Digital Transformation is over-challenging IT infrastructure which has often evolved over the course of several decades. The major concerns of businesses regarding infrastructure used to be high stability, performance, and reliability – with the lowest possible costs in mind. Today, the focus is shifting to flexibility, speed, and security.

However, these requirements cannot be covered by means of traditional technologies.
The most obvious example is in the field of networks. Here, the main focus has been
on connecting devices. In the near future, connectivity as such will be a mere prerequisite as it becomes increasingly important to know which applications and processes are being used on the network, how they can be optimized and controlled, and which factors have an impact on the performance and stability of such applications.


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