ARKURI protects what is valuable for people

IoT solution from A1 Digital ensures secure communication of the ARKURI Safe Case in the Internet of Things.

"When developing the ARKURI Safe Case, we were primarily concerned with protecting the things that are very valuable to people. Together with A1 Digital, we have succeeded in developing an innovative IoT solution that meets our high standards of security. A1 Digital's expertise in connectivity and IoT and the commitment of A1 Digital employees have made a significant contribution to ensuring that the communication of the ARKURI Safe Case is guaranteed even in extreme conditions."

Anna Weller, Marketing & Sales Manager at ZippIT GmbH

Founded in 2015 by Karl Weller, ZippIT GmbH is based in Vienna and Tiberias (Israel). The company's focus is on providing revolutionary security standards for the transport of valuables, goods and documents worth protecting. The top priority is the development of new systems that not only give the customer the feeling, but also the certainty that his goods worthy of protection are safe.

The latest development is an innovative IoT product: the ARKURI Safe Case. Born from the innovative idea of the company founder, the interaction of experts and expertise, market knowledge and experience paired with passion, precision and teamwork. If you want to transport valuable goods such as luxury watches or documents worthy of protection, ARKURI offers the highest level of security. This is made possible by the fully automatic, app-controlled electronic locking mechanism, the highly developed sensor and material technology as well as the application of modern communication technology. The Advanced Encryption Standard and a unique algorithm developed by the Israeli ZippIT LTD, a subsidiary of ZippIT GmbH, also contribute to this. Via the ARKURI app, the owner determines who has access to the safe case and when, can find out about access and location and is alerted in real time in the worst-case scenario.


The ARKURI Safe Case is lined with a foil crisscrossed by conductor paths that reports every attempt at manipulation and burglary. In addition, an external cable secured by a closed circuit makes it possible to secure the ARKURI Safe Case at a fixed point.

This means that it can not only be used to transport valuables, but also serves to secure them at work, at home and on the road. In cooperation with A1 Digital International, an innovative connected tracking module was developed that enables the real-time transmission of all data, in particular the alarm and tracking functions. Each event is transmitted via an interface to a microcontroller developed by A1 Digital. Via a SIM chip from A1 Digital, the alarm is forwarded in real time to the server via Narrow Band IoT, which transmits the alarm to the mobile app and activates the location function. The ARKURI app serves as a communication tool between ARKURI and the user.

The development work of A1 Digital makes the communication of the ARKURI Safe Case in the Internet of Things possible. The system is designed to be used in all countries with NB-IoT and LTEM network coverage. The European cloud computing platform Exoscale, part of the Telekom Austria Group, offers ZippIT GmbH a GDPR-compliant infrastructure and on-demand resources throughout Europe for creating and hosting applications in six data centres in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. A very important point for ZippIT.


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