Hawle smart hydrants make it easier to find leaks in the water pipe and unauthorised water withdrawal.

Through A1 Digital's Managed Connectivity solution, Hawle is able to turn simple hydrants into smart water network monitoring tools.

For more than 70 years, Hawle Österreich Gruppe has been involved in the production of shut-off, distribution and control fittings as well as pipe connections and fittings for drinking water and wastewater systems. Hawle Service GmbH is an optimal complement to the products with customer-oriented services. The range of services offered by Hawle Service GmbH includes the inspection and maintenance of fittings of all brands of water distribution systems, among others. Hydrants, shut-off valves, pressure control valves, ventilation and shaft valves.

For some time now, municipal utilities and water supply companies have complained about the unauthorised commissioning and unqualified operation of above-ground hydrants. On the one hand, this distorts the water balance, and on the other hand, impurities or contamination of the drinking water pipe can occur. To put a stop to this, Hawle Service has developed the S.CAP system. A sensor installed in the Storz-B cover capsule together with the transmitting electronics reports in real time when the cap is opened and provides additional data for leak detection, pipe break detection and pressure management to the control room.

With the patented S.CAP, all above-ground hydrants can be retrofitted in a simple and economical way throughout Europe, regardless of the year of manufacture or brand. To implement this system, Hawle drew on the expertise of A1 Digital, as the digitalisation partner's Managed Connectivity and IoT (Internet of Things) solution had to be easily applicable throughout Europe due to Hawle's international orientation. To transfer the data, A1 Digital relied on SIM chips. These were soldered to the circuit boards installed in the cap with the power supply and the sensor.

The Bulk SIM Management Platform SIMplify gives the customer the opportunity to administer, monitor and adjust the life cycle of the chips. Although the SIM chips are activated with delivery, the customer does not have to pay for the transmission service until the system registers the commissioning of a digitised hydrant due to previously set triggers. The data transmission takes place via gsM network.

AAll incoming data is processed by an IoT platform in the A1 data centre and forwarded to HAWLE.MAP for administration. The hydrants that were last in operation are shown geographically on a map. The immediate notification via SMS and/or e-mail can be configured by means of an alarm call plan. The IoT platform can also be used to manage the time-outs of the caps and to adjust the sensitivity of the sensors.

“We are impressed by the reliability of the product. The first S.CAPs have been used by our clients for over a year without a single failure. Thanks to the innovative solution implemented together with A1 Digital, all existing hydrants can now be retrofitted with permanent online monitoring. The complexity of such an IoT project should not be underestimated. There have been setbacks and delays. This made it all the more important to have relied on an experienced digitalisation partner such as A1 Digital”

Thomas Venhoda, Managing Director of Hawle Service GmbH