PILOT and POLAR simplify the work of the winter service of Stadtgemeinde Mödling

Winter in the Vienna Woods is a particularly beautiful time for the numerous hikers and skiers. However, for the winter service of Stadtgemeinde Mödling, the period between 15 November and 15 March is hard work.

Two teams, each with 25 employees and one operations manager, have to clear snow from 72 km of road network, 26 km of pavement and 42,000 m² of parks and parking spaces. Three teams with pickup trucks look after areas that can only be cleared and scattered by hand. A total of one clearing truck, one Unimog, two multicars, a forestry tractor, six small tractors and three pickup trucks are used.

However, the manual keeping of the logbooks and route plans can only be done with considerable administrative effort by the employees. The exact recording of the routes as well as the documentation of the individual winter activities (snow clearing and scattering) play a special role for the municipality, especially from a legal point of view, in order to be able to provide appropriate, sound evidence of cleared roads and pavements in legal disputes in the context of weather-related accidents. In both cases, a digital solution should provide a remedy or facilitate documentation.

The fleet management PILOT developed by A1 Digital International GmbH met all these requirements. The M2M solution locates and monitors vehicle location in real time, automatically records operating times and distances, and allows driver identification. For this purpose, robust M2M SIM cards from A1 Digital were installed in the vehicles, without interfering with the vehicle electronics, to ensure a reliable data connection and smooth operation even under extreme conditions.

The M2M solution was supplemented by the winter road clearance solution POLAR, also developed by A1 Digital, for lorries with fixed spreading unit or interchangeable system and clearing blade, small lorries (Unimog) and special vehicles for winter road clearance. In addition to the seamless storage of application data (clearance, scattering) every 5 seconds, a sensor system monitors snow shield, spreader and outdoor temperature in order to be able to react quickly if necessary. With significantly reduced administrative effort, the municipality of Mödling can now document all winter road clearance activities and, in cases of liability, prove that it has cleared and scattered for up to 7 years.

“A1 Digital's proven know-how in the field of M2M communication spoke in favour of the A1 Digital concept and implementation of the solution and its diverse application possibilities such as driver recognition, flexible management via a web portal and the special winter module. In addition, the solution gave us the opportunity to digitally store evidence of our winter road clearance activities over a longer period of time in the event of a legal dispute and to present it to the court.”

Yves Mattis, Stadtgemeinde Mödling