"How to apply Machine Learning to solve challenging mobility problems"

Date: 26.05.2021   |   Time: 16:00-19:30 

A1 Digital partner BigML is organizing a virtual conference that will explore the current trends in the Intelligent Mobility industry. A1 Digital and other presenters will be sharing real-world examples of Machine Learning applications that are dramatically improving mobility systems and infrastructure while facilitating the rapid transportation of goods and commodities that make the global economic engine hum.

About the A1 Digital Keynote

Francis Cepero, Director Vertical Market Solutions at A1 Digital, and Dieter Mayr, Senior Data Scientist & Machine Learning Consultant at A1 Digital, will each deliver a 20-minute keynote speech. 


"Business Value of IoT and Machine Learning in Logistics"
with Francis Cepero


"Embedded Machine Learning: Damage Detection in Rail"
with Dieter Mayr

The mobility industry has been the beneficiary of many different Machine Learning applications that are having a great and visible impact. As the amount of data generated by millions of vehicles and vessels on intelligent, connected transportation systems increase exponentially, novel real-time insights are becoming commercially feasible. That is, if your organization has hit its stride with its digital transformation. Empowered with data and Machine Learning, transportation industry leaders and decision makers have the opportunity to do more with less, while simultaneously finding effective ways to make their industry more environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

"With BigML as a partner and its Machine Learning platform, our customers are able to implement a key technology for IoT applications and intelligent networked products", says Francis Cepero.

About our Keynote Speakers:

Francis Cepero, Director Vertical Market Solutions at A1 Digital

Francis Cepero brings more than 20 years of experience in business software and vertical market solutions to his position as Director of Vertical Market Solutions. Cepero previously was Head of Innovation and Technology for Media, Sports and Entertainment at SAP SE. Cepero holds a master's degree in physics and international marketing and has completed various post-graduate programmes at Columbia University, as well as at INSEAD and MIT.



Dieter Mayr, Senior Data Scientist & Machine Learning Consultant

Mayr is responsible for the development and technical implementation of complex machine learning projects. His focus area is the data-based conception and support of machine learning projects in close coordination with IT departments and business stakeholders. During his doctorate in the field of optimization and his many years of employment in the energy sector, he was able to build up well-founded problem-solving skills and implementation experience for complex and innovative machine learning and data projects.