Smart products with M2M

IoT also opens up completely new opportunities for the manufacturing industry: networking is directly integrated into the products, making them smarter and thus enabling manufacturers to respond directly and flexibly to customer requirements and derive important insights from real-time data that they gain from their products can. With our M2M solution, you can take advantage of these benefits for yourself & your business.

We solve your challenges

Finding the right M2M provider is not easy, we know that. With our solutions, we address your individual challenges and offer you what you really need:

Your challenges

Complicated & costly SIM card management

Your current SIM card management is tedious and costs not only money but also a lot of time.

One for all?

A tariff for all your SIM cards? This burdens their budget and is inflexible.

Many countries, many network providers, high costs

Network coverage, high roaming costs - or even different network providers for different countries?

High costs due to SIM cards damage

SIM card failures due to damage to the chip lead to high costs and a considerable effort.

Our solutions

Simple SIM management with one platform

Our platform allows you to set individual SIM card lifecycles and manage them via a single platform.

Flexible and individual rates

Our M2M solution offers you the most flexible tariffs possible and allows you a very easy tariff change.

National roaming & worldwide network coverage

With the infrastructure of America Movil and the A1 Group, we offer you a worldwide infrastructure with national roaming.

Robust SIM cards in all situations

Whether heat, cold or shock. Our SIM cards and SIM chips withstand all conditions and situations.

The advantages of our M2M SIM cards

With our M2M SIM cards, a customized solution and our years of expertise in IoT you are on the safe side.

Simple SIM card management

With the SIMplify platform you have everything in view, manage your settings centrally and manage your SIM cards yourself.

Individual rates for a reasonable price

We tailor for you the optimal tariff package with the best conditions

Are your products connected properly?