This service involves data migration from a mailbox to an Exchange Online account. The following services are included:

  • Migration of the personal calendars
  • Migration of the personal contacts
  • Migration of the provided PST files (according to export instructions)
  • Migration of the e-mails and e-mail directories


Sequence of the service:

The A1 Digital Serviceline employee identifies the user and the authorization to receive this achievement.

The A1 Digital Serviceline employee reviews the system requirements for migrating the data.

The A1 Digital Serviceline employee performs the migration of the data via the provided PST file and via remote access.

The following requirements must be fulfilled to carry out the service by the customer:
  • Existing and set up in the outlook Outlook Exchange Online account
  • Mailbox Microsoft Outlook (from version 2010) or Outlook Online is preinstalled
  • All source mailboxes are set up in Outlook (from version 2010) or Outlook Online
  • The source mailbox was exported as a PST file based on the provided guide
  • Data of the source mailbox (password or administration access) is known to the customer


Not included are the following:
  • Migration of a team calendar
  • Migration of tasks
  • Migration of archive files
  • Migration of special user settings or user rights
  • Migration of data, that are not in Outlook
  • Migrate from another e-mail program that is not Microsoft Outlook


Please note the following limitations of this service:
  • The use of the package ceases with the redemption by a user.
  • Limited to a maximum of 50 GB data volume.
  • The setup package does not apply to mobile devices
  • The implementation of the setup package is limited to two hours. Every additional started hour will be charged additionally with € 99.


If the source mailbox has not already been exported as a PST file based on the provided guide, and the A1 Digital Serviceline employee must do so, an additional € 50 will be charged.