This service includes a one-time setup of a workstation by telephone and remote access (remote), to assist the administrator (administrator is a customer-assigned employee). This service will perform the basic activities required to use Microsoft® Office 365.

  1. If available, an existing domain for Office 365 will be set up or a guide provided by A1 Digital on how to do this.
  2. Setup of the first user. Remote system check of system requirements.
  3. Implementation of necessary updates by the customer.
  4. Install the necessary Office 365 clients and set up the basic settings remotely.
  5. If Outlook (as of version 2007) is available, sample instructions for migrating a mailbox via Outlook.
  6. Installation of the necessary Office 365 clients on a smartphone.



If you are interested in setting up additional workstations, you can obtain additional users for the O365.get.started setup package for a reduced fixed amount. This service does not involve migration of existing mailboxes or on-site services. It is not possible to set up Office 365 on a Terminal Server environment as part of this package.


Scope of services:
  • Setting up a company in Office 365 Setting up a domain and the mail server settings.
  • Set up the first user and license assignment.
  • Setting up a user remotely, including assistance with setting up the necessary clients and an exemplary setup of Outlook.
  • The service duration is 1 ½ hours. Each additional hour begun will be charged with an additional € 99.


  • The necessary system requirements (HW & SW) for Office 365 are fulfilled.
  • Access data to the domain of the customer. This is necessary to migrate the DNS records to Microsoft Office 365.
  • Remote access to the user's computer is fully possible. (The user is local administrator or general administrator access is usable)
  • All necessary user account information and passwords are available.



This service is to be ordered once.