ZohoWorkplace.get started

The service includes the one-time configuration of the initial settings in Zoho Mail by telephone and Remote Desktop access according to the needs and requirements of the user. The get.started service package supports you for the quick setup of Zoho Mail.


  • The A1 Digital Support Team calls customers by appointment and provides secure remote desktop access to the customer's PC.
  • During the phone conversation, the A1 Digital Support Team will perform the Zoho Mail settings below in the presence of the customer using remote desktop access.


  • Full e-mail setup - Add user
    o Domain setup (new or existing, 1 domain)
    o Add new users (up to 3)
    o Create groups (only 1)
  • Security settings
  • Organization settings
  • Zoho Mail App for Admin Setup and Quick Start Guide
  • Zoho Mail App for End Users (1 only) Setup and Quick Start Guide



The actual domain setup may take up to 3 days (until the MX record changes take effect). Do not worry, your mails will not be lost, but it could be that during this time still some mails arrive at your old mail server.



The customer should provide the following information to the A1 Digital Support team prior to the setup session:

  • Prepare domain management credentials (if hosted externally) to prepare the password policy to be configured.
  • Password policy rules (in days), expiration time (in days), password length (number of characters), minimum passwords in history, enabling mixed passwords, minimum number of special characters, minimum number of pagers)
  • List of users to upload
  • The A1 Digital Support will provide you with a secure way to transfer your information.


Technical Requirements:
  • Setting up a remote access to the user's computer is possible. (The user is a local administrator or general administrator access is usable)
  • All necessary user account information and passwords are available.
  • Mobile client installation requirements:
    o iOS: Requires iOS 8.0 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.
    o Android: 4.0.3 and higher
  • Operating system: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
  • Web browser: Safari 7 and higher, Chrome 40 and higher, Firefox 38 and higher, Internet Explorer 11 and higher, Opera 10 and higher (Note: Internet Explorer version 8 users need to follow these steps for best results: open browser and click Tools> Internet Options> Advanced> Multimedia, Hold, SHOW PICTURES ', and' SMART IMAGE DITHERING 'options selected.)
  • Other Prerequisites: Enabling JavaScript, Enabling Cookies, Installing Flash Plug-In, Installing Spreadsheet Viewer (Optional), Installing Acrobat Reader (Optional)


Not included:

Mailbox Migration