This service includes complete digital and social location analysis including the existing web page of a business location. The establishment of all digital channels and the analysis of the web page (performance, search behavior (SEO), keyword analysis). With the help of this service, the basic digital infrastructures are checked, produced (digital and social listings) and pointed to the optimization potential (website). With the information provided, it is possible to optimize the website, and thus the entire digital presence.

  1. Review and analysis of existing digital infrastructure (actual status).
  2. Verification and establishment of digital and social channels.
  3. Initial setup of the bspotted dashboard and synchronization of corporate data.
  4. Handover of the product with all booked functions and features.
  5. Analysis of the improved digital presence through bspotted and the web page over a period of about 4 weeks.
  6. Creation of a catalog of measures to optimize the web presence.
  7. Handover with detailed telephone introduction and explanation of the analysis.


This service does not include the creation of a new webpage or the adaptation of existing ones. If you decide to create a new web page you can book this service via our product "Web Presence".

What's included:
  • Analysis of the digital actual status (including web presence) Set up all digital and social channels.
  • Establishment of the booked Bspotted service with all functions.
  • Set up the first user and handover.
  • Setting up a user remotely, including assistance in using all features.
  • Ongoing analysis of the web page over a period of about 4 weeks.
  • Creation of a catalog of measures.Handover and telephone explanation of the implementation options.

  • The necessary system requirements (hardware) are fulfilled.
  • Confirmation of the company location by gas, electricity or energy bill for the verification.
  • Additions (administrator rights) to existing social channels.


This service can be ordered once per user at the A1 Digital Marketplace.