SD-WAN: The Revolution of Corporate Networks

Complex, expensive and inflexible site networking will soon be a thing of the past. SD-WAN is the high-performance and cost-effective solution for your network security.

How does SD-WAN work?

With Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), network traffic management is decoupled from the hardware and taken over by software. This makes it possible to create a hybrid WAN and intelligently bundle different accesses and lines. SD-WAN is the smart and future-proof basis for your company's digitalisation requirements. SD-WAN manages all network traffic in your company efficiently, securely and efficiently – and is cost-effective, above all. Regardless of your internet provider and the technology you use, you will always be flexible and control everything via an easy-to-use platform. Smooth video conferencing, too low bandwidth, or slow-response operating applications are a thing of the past!

The advantages of SD-WAN: Make your network fit for the digital future!

Lower operating costs

Simplify network management and maintenance and intelligent line bundling saves you time and money.

Improved network security

Communicate encrypted through all your communication channels to prevent damage to your company.

We use the leading solution on the market: VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud™


We have gained a lot of experience with different SD-WAN solutions in recent years. One solution has proven to be the most stable and innovative: VeloCloud from VMware. The award-winning global market leader connects your corporate network in the cloud or in your own data centres on request. Highest security standards, high flexibility and the protection of bandwidths and business-critical applications are paramount. The renowned consulting firm Gartner has recently extensively tested all SD-WAN solutions on the market and identified VeloCloud as a technology leader. With VeloCloud, we offer you the best solution on the market combined with the best support and services.

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Fast network and internet despite poor broadband connectivity

Broadband expansion continues to make very slow progress in many regions. This can be a threat to the livelihoods of many companies in structurally weak areas. Fast location and network connections increase productivity and are a prerequisite for any digitisation strategy. More and more business-critical software applications such as Office 356, SAP, cash register, logistics and inventory systems demand a stable connection with low latency. If these do not exist, regular outages and massive disadvantages against the competition can quickly occur. SD-WAN offers an innovative solution, especially for companies with multiple locations. By bundling and using multiple internet access essays available at the site, such as cables, DSL, LTE, and MPLS lines, bandwidth is used more efficiently and performance is greatly improved. In addition to improving network security, the particularly expensive MPLS lines can often be dispensed with. Performance in your own network is improved and the quality of internet connections is improved – and mostly in conjunction with reduced costs.

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Michael Holocher-Ertl

Product Manager Cloud Security