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Mobile device management from the cloud: IKARUS protects your company's smartphones, tablets and notebooks comprehensively against data theft and loss.

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The functions of IKARUS at a glance

Bring your own Device (ByoD)

Your employees and you can use your own devices for mobile work.

Access to company data? For sure!

Policies determine which apps and data your employees can use on their mobile devices.

Comprehensive, powerful, secure: Mobile device management from the cloud

IKARUS is a complete mobile device management solution for mobile devices in corporate environments from the cloud. The service protects and manages smartphones, tablets and notebooks against the latest threats and enables active management of inventory and data.

Mobile Management (IKARUS)

IKARUS offers as a cloud service the easy way to manage mobile devices comprehensively and securely. Individual security guidelines and data protection in case of theft / loss of the mobile device at the touch of a button.

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"Modern work is mobile working. However, you and your employees must be confident that your devices and confidential company information are protected against theft, loss, and misuse. With our modern mobile device management from the cloud you have this security."

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Questions about your new Mobile Device Management

The most common cause is an already assigned ID or e-mail address. There is a unique user identification per user. This is specified either as an e-mail or in the User ID field (depending on the configuration). Check in this field whether the ID or e-mail address has not already been assigned elsewhere.

This can be triggered by an already assigned identification feature. Each terminal can only be stored once in the system. By creating or rollout process data of the terminal are stored in the system (phone number, serial number, IMEI). If one of these identification values already exists in the system, the error message appears. You then have to search for and clean up the existing entry, that is, delete or move it.

During the rollout via SMS, check whether the phone number was specified correctly. Also check that the rollout message arrives on another terminal of the same type. If that does not work properly, it's often because of the SMS gateway that your IT should check.

Rollout on Android devices: Please check whether the device already has an activated MDM client installed. These apps often suppress activation messages. In this case, delete the existing client and rerun the rollout.

Rollout by e-mail: Check if the e-mail address is correct and if the account has been configured correctly. IKARUS also makes it possible to differentiate between device and user. So check if different email addresses are used for the user and the device, and if you have assigned those addresses correctly and configured them in the account.

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