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Next Generation Asset Insight and Shipment Tracking

Are you already tracking your assets? That's good. But how about doing a lot more?

Do you know exactly where your assets like tools, machines or transport goods are and in what condition they are? Would you like to go beyond that and hear tips and tricks on how modern IoT technologies can secure competitive advantages for you and your customers? This webinar provides valuable information and food for thought!

Topics of the webinar:

Learn how to track and monitor your assets worldwide in real time.
Learn about an easy-to-use solution with plug-and-play hardware.
Discover valuable features with added value for both shippers and recipients of shipments.
Hear how intelligent delivery tracking can lead to the creation of new services for you and your customers.
Learn more about real-life challenges and pitfalls.

Key Facts

27 June 2023

4:30 pm CEST, 3:30 pm BST, 10:30 am EDT, 9:30 am CDT

Language: English

Target group: Everyone interested in transport and logistics.

Your host & speakers:

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Speaker: Peter Gaspar

Solution Architect Asset Tracking & IoT-Connectivity

Peter Gaspar has been working in the telecommunications industry for over 20 years. He has been active as a technical consultant in Middle East, Africa and Russia/CIS. In recent years, he has focused on IoT solutions and infrastructure concepts and helped develop customer IoT solutions. Since 2017, he has been working at A1 Digital as a Solution Architect focusing on IoT connectivity & asset tracking.

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Speaker: Martin Sailer

Senior Digital Business Consultant

Martin Sailer works in the Vertical Market Solutions department and, in his role as IoT Consultant, advises companies from various industries on the decision and design of end-to-end IoT solutions. His special focus is the deployment and further development of the solution portfolio for the retail sector. In his several years of experience in Central and Eastern Europe in the telecom industry, he was responsible for solution design, product management and international project delivery of telecom solutions.

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Host: Salman Mitha

International Business Development, Strategy & New Markets, IoT/Managed Connectivity, A1 Digital

Salman joined A1 Digital back in June 2022 after 18 years experience developing companies' entries into emerging markets and scaling their growth. His focus on technology and digital transformation in the telecommunications, CRM, language, sports and entertainment industries provides Sal insight to drive the conversation and develop solutions. For the webinar, he will host the interactive discussion with the A1 Digital and guest experts and open the round to answer your questions.