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Asset Insight

Asset Insight

Manage, locate, and monitor assets and transports

How often during the day do you ask yourself questions like these?

is my asset currently deployed?
is the utilization of my asset?
will a delivery arrive?

Manually monitoring and searching for assets such as goods or shipments consumes a significant amount of time and slows you down. But it doesn't have to be that way: With Asset Insight, you can instantly determine the location of all connected objects worldwide with a single click and track their movements in real-time.

But there is more to it.
With the solution for asset tracking, you also monitor the condition of valuable or sensitive goods and establish automatic workflows, such as notifications for specific events. You become faster and more reliable while reducing costs.

Who is Asset Insight for? Some examples:

Companies with mobile device and machinery fleets

e.g., for construction equipment, scaffolding

Logistics companies

e.g., for containers, trailers, or valuable shipments

Manufacturers and distributors of valuable goods

e.g., for machinery, jewelry, or luxury items

Manufacturers and distributors of sensitive goods

e.g., for hazardous materials or glass components

How it works

Asset Insight is an all-in-one solution. It includes all the necessary components for tracking and monitoring assets:

1. Connect assets

Connect your objects and shipments with GPS trackers and register them in the tracking portal. In addition to location, you can capture additional sensor data.

Connect Your Fleet

2. Collect data

All data is transmitted via mobile networks to a secure cloud platform and stored there. The data belongs solely to you, and you can use it as needed.

Connectivity leo

3. Visualization in the dashboard

In the online portal, you can track the location and status of all assets in real-time and receive notifications. You manage rules and automatic workflows there.

Platform applications leo

The question "Where is my asset?" may sound trivial, but it is the starting point for countless applications. With a powerful solution like Asset Insight, you gain the following capabilities, among others:

Find instead of search

With a single glance, you can see the location of all objects or shipments in your dashboard, worldwide and in real-time.

Measure idle time

Accurately measure how long objects remain at different locations, for example, for precise billing purposes.

Track shipments in real-time

Track shipments throughout the entire route. You and your customers will be informed about waypoints and estimated delivery times.

Detect thefts early

Define allowed zones for your objects (geofencing), and you will receive warning notifications when an object leaves its zone.

Monitor the condition of objects

Monitor real-time data such as the temperature of deliveries and detect incidents such as strong vibrations or unauthorized opening.

Optimize delivery routes

Analyze where your deliveries are delayed or where your goods are more prone to theft or damage.

Your benefits with A1 Digital Asset Insight:

Easy setup: Our trackers are suitable for any type of object and are easy to set up.
Complete solution: You get trackers and sensors, connectivity, and the cloud platform all in one package.
Personal support: Our support team is there for you and provides assistance.
Hosting in Europe: Your data is securely stored in European data centers, compliant with GDPR.
Your data belongs to you: We do not read or share your data. You retain data sovereignty.
Open and expandable: You can import and export data and connect additional solutions to the cloud platform via APIs.
White label option: Customize with your own logos and colors.
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You can watch the webinar recording of "Asset Insight and Next-Generation Shipment Tracking" by clicking on the following link.