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Discover savings potential through energy monitoring

"Electricity prices at record levels" - energy-intensive industrial companies are particularly affected by high energy costs.

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Are you looking for potential savings?

With A1 Digital Energy Insight, you can measure the energy consumption of individual devices, machines, and plants at different locations. Monitor your power consumption in real time and analyze your data for optimization potential.

With the energy monitoring solution, you identify your largest consumers, find anomalies and measure the impact of your energy-saving measures. This pays off in several ways.

Your energy consumption at a glance

Which machines and systems consume the most energy?

How does the energy consumption of one system compare to another?

When and where is the power supply disturbed or interrupted?

When do my machines and systems consume particularly much or little energy?

How big are the savings from changing settings or substituting a machine?

What factors cause a machine to consume more energy than usual?

How to monitor your electricity consumption with Energy Insight from A1 Digital

Energy Insight is a complete ready-to-use solution. It contains all the necessary building blocks for energy monitoring.

1. Install metering devices

Collect your machines and systems with metering devices and sensors. These measure whether current is flowing and the power consumption. In addition, data such as temperatures or vibrations can be measured.

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2. Collect data

All data is transmitted via mobile communication to a secure cloud platform and stored there. The data belongs only to you. You can migrate it to any other system.

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3. Vizualize in the dashboard

In your dashboard, you can see the location of all machines and systems, key figures on energy consumption and reports. Analyze all data in detail or be notified in case of anomalies.

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Some example use cases:

Energy Insight Sub Metering

Identify the largest consumers (sub-metering)

Your central electricity meter does not provide you any information about where the electricity is consumed. Therefore, equip your machines with their own electricity meters (sub-meters) and measure the consumption exactly in each case. In this way, you can determine where and when you consume the most electricity and where you need to start saving.

Energy Insight Compare Consumption

Compare consumption of individual machines

Compare the energy consumption of individual machines on an ongoing basis: between new and old, between machines of different types or with different settings and workloads. This allows you to find out how to operate your machines optimally and which machines you should maintain or replace.

Energy Insight Real Time Monitoring

Monitor consumption in real time

Monitor the status and power consumption of all connected locations in a central dashboard at any time. Immediately detect power outages or unusually high consumption levels that indicate a fault. Set alarms and be informed automatically in such cases - and intervene before something worse happens.

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Evaluate the impact of energy-saving measures

With Energy Insight, you can measure the power consumption of your machines continuously and without gaps. You can immediately see the impact of individual measures on power consumption. Use the data to calculate the ROI of your saving measures and decide how to proceed.

Turnkey solution for manufacturing


We connect or retro-fit all machines and equipment, regardless of type or age.

Complete solution

You get metering devices and sensors, connectivity and the cloud platform from a single source.

Personal support

Our support team is here to assist you.

Hosting in Europe

Your data is stored securely and GDPR-compliant in European data centers.

Your data is yours

We do not read your data and do not pass it on. You retain data sovereignty.

Open and scalable

You can import and export data easily.

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