Product Hero Io T Building Blocks

IoT Building Blocks

IoT Building Blocks

Getting your product online has never been this simple.

Accelerate your time to market with our proven IoT full stack.

Whether you want to build your IoT application from scratch or just need one building block for your self-developed solution: A1 Digital provides all the tools from hardware to software and services.

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The applications are just the tip of the iceberg

We consider every block within our IoT stack in order to work seemlessly together. We start with the things that are under the surface like proper hardware and firmware and work through adequate connectivity in order to display the results tailored within the platform and applications.

We have everything you need for your connected product

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Hardware & Firmware

The struggle to find a proper hardware was yesterday. Equip your connected products with IoT-hardware and firmware that are perfectly suited for IoT communication and offer deep customization possibilities.

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Connect all your assets and transfer your data all around the world securely using the latest technologies. Use the global cellular network of A1 Telekom Austria Group and it's partners.

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Platform & applications

Easily collect and analyze data with our central IoT platform and create specific applications for your industry. Our A1 Digital IoT Platform is a modern, cloud-based platform hosted by Exoscale in Europe.

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"Our full stack of IoT building blocks enables companies to bring their business vision easier and faster to the market. Using digitalization tools like IoT gives great value to companies and even changes their business models. To operationalize these IoT projects, it is important to select the right partner that can really support in this matter. Our value chain contains all technology elements you need."

Christoph Marschall Product Manager IoT Solutions

Benefit from our collaboration with world-class technology providers. Here are some of them:

Why A1 Digital?

Cutting-edge hardware and firmware

We offer production-ready and customizable hardware & firmware developed by the leading technology provider.

Secure and reliable connectivity

Connect your assets everywhere and rest assured your data will stay secure on A1 Digital’s platform.

Flexible platform

Don’t be limited by software; build the custom dashboards you need on our fully configurable IoT environment.

Simple integration

From the hardware to the cloud, A1’s IoT Platform was designed to be plug-and-play in terms of connectivity and functionality.

Top-notch support

Our team is always here for you and actively helps to solve any of your problems – 24/7.