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Digitize your fleet management with A1 Digital

Digitize your fleet management with A1 Digital

Discover the many benefits of A1 Digital's fleet management solution. Our manufacturer-independent telematics devices for vehicles, construction machinery and valuable assets enable you to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your fleet management.

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Fleet management from A1 Digital: Your solution from a single source

We offer you a complete and manufacturer-independent end-to-end telematics solution for the fleet management of your vehicles, construction machinery and valuable assets: Telematics hardware, software and applications (SaaS), cloud hosting, data connectivity, customer support, consulting and access to other digital solutions - everything from a single source.

Optimize Your Fleet Management

Localization of vehicles and construction machinery 24/7

Locate every vehicle around the clock and in real time with GPS tracking and seamlessly track all routes.

Simple recording of operating data and operating times

Monitor your vehicle operations -from mileage to machine operating times and maintenance cycles.

Increase process efficiency

Reduce administrative costs and simplify fleet operations, e.g. through automated electronic logbooks, improved machine scheduling or the remote reading of vehicle and tachograph data.

Minimize downtimes and idle times

Discover idle times and react in time. Increased downtime reduces the efficiency of your fleet.

Set zones and alarm messages

Monitor vehicle activities within a virtual zone and define alarm messages for entering and exiting. React promptly to unauthorized use or theft.

Detailed vehicle and machine management

Manage your fleet and telematics devices in a centralized overview. See all your vehicles and assets through the central dashboard of our fleet management solution.

Responsiveness and access to data

Enable your company to react in real time and grant your employees access to their respective data using a role-based access concept.

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Uncomplicated installation and tailor-made solution for our needs. A1 Digital's fleet management and asset tracking solution allows us to optimize machine utilization while reducing costs.

Mag. Ing. Thomas Bodner Managing Director of Bodner Bau GmbH & Co. KG

How the fleet management solution from A1 Digital works

Fleet Management from A1 is a complete turnkey solution: It contains all the necessary components for tracking and monitoring your vehicle fleet and valuable assets. The solution works as a retrofit for all vehicle types and manufacturers. Alternatively, the OEM telematics data of major construction machinery manufacturers can be integrated into the platform.

1. Connect your fleet

Connect your vehicles, construction machinery and other assets with telematics devices and sensors to track locations and other operating data. Our telematics devices give you access to satellite systems worldwide for a seamless collection of your fleet's location data.

Connect Your Fleet

2. Data is transmitted

All data is transmitted and stored in a secure cloud platform via mobile communications using our SIM cards. The data belongs only to you and for your desired use.

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3. Visualization via web and smartphone

With our "Commander" web application, you can view and analyze both live positions and historical data, as well as manage your vehicle fleet using practical modules and functions. Practical mobile apps are additionally available. Alternatively, you can transfer live and historical data to your ERP system via standard interfaces.

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Discover our solution for your fleet management

Keep track of everything with the fleet management solution from A1 Digital: From vehicle location and status to operating times and alerts. All in real time and via a central platform.

Dashboard: Widget-based overview of selected objects and KPIs
Cockpit: Display of all property locations and vehicle data in real time
History: Timeline of locations, routes and measured values
Alarms: Personalized alarm messages by email, based on zones and definable parameters
Zones: Display of object activity in a configurable geo-zone
Logbook: Listing of all trips and trip data in an automated logbook, that fulfills all requirements by the tax authorities
Analytics: Standardized reports and usage overview as well as a report archive
Service & maintenance: Management of maintenance tasks and intervals as well as installation logs
Settings & Admin: Management of telematics devices and vehicles and creation of users and drivers

Fleet management: Telematics for fleet vehicles, pool vehicles, transport vehicles and trailers

Connect your vehicles and trailers with telematics devices from our fleet management solution to record locations and other operating data. Create an electronic logbook at the touch of a button that fulfills the requirements for submission to the tax office or tax consultant.

✔️ For connection to the vehicle's power supply or as a plug & play OBD plug-in variant
✔️ Access to a modern, multi-award-winning platform for efficient fleet management
✔️ Live location & driving routes
✔️ Tax office-compliant electronic logbook
✔️ Switch between business & private trips and work routes
✔️ Driver recognition via RFID accessory and/or smartphone app
✔️ Historical data & reports
✔️ Optional VIN readout (OBD)
✔️ Trailer position detection
✔️ Suitable for geofencing, alarm & maintenance module

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Telematics for construction machinery

A1 Digital facilitates the management of construction machinery with a specialized, data protection-compliant telematics solution for your fleet management. Our innovative solution offers easy recording of operating hours and monitoring of machine utilization within a zone, as well as precise and fast data transmission in real time, supported by robust hardware and an intuitive documentation app. Ideal for the construction industry, it enables effective remote monitoring and management of all construction machines and vehicle models.

✔️ For connection to the vehicle's power supply or as a flexible 12/24 V plug-in variant
✔️ Access to a modern, multi-award-winning platform for efficient fleet management
✔️ Live location & driving routes
✔️ Recording of ignition and engine running times
✔️ Operating hours, utilization, battery voltage
✔️ Driver recognition via smartphone app
✔️ Historical data & reports
✔️ Suitable for geofencing, alarm & maintenance module
✔️ Direct retrieval of manufacturer data via ISO-15143-3 AEMP 2.0
✔️ Integrating data from different manufacturers via a common telematics platform

Tachograph fernauslesung

Remote reading of tachograph and driver data

Equip your trucks with the telematics solution from A1 Digital for your fleet management for remote reading of tachograph data and avoid unnecessary costs or operational idle times by calling drivers and vehicles into the company garages. Penalties for missed deadlines due to archiving regulations are now a thing of the past.

✔️ For connection to compatible digital tachographs (e.g. VDO, Stoneridge)
✔️ Access to a modern, award-winning platform for efficient fleet management
✔️ Live location & driving routes
✔️ Remote data readout
✔️ Transfer of driving and rest times, overview of violations (social reports)
✔️ Archiving of data in accordance with legal requirements
✔️ Suitable for geofencing, alarm & maintenance module

Energy self-sufficient telematics device for object tracking

Use the long-lasting, battery-powered telematics device from A1 Digital to track your containers or other non-powered objects.

Live location & historical positions
Access to a modern, award-winning platform for efficient fleet management
Replaceable battery pack
Long battery lifetime (up to 10,000 messages)
Time and motion-based transmission intervals can be flexibly defined
Historical data & reports
Suitable for geofencing, alarm & maintenance module

High-performance BLE beacon for industrial application

The BLE beacon for your fleet management is used in conjunction with a Bluetooth-enabled telematics device and/or a specially designed smartphone app to determine the position of valuable small assets and spare parts.

Passive Bluetooth low-energy beacon for positioning via mobile and/or static telematics device and/or smartphone beacon app
Range up to 80 m with open field
Position update when the object moves > 500 m or hourly
Robust design
Simple installation
Access to a modern, award-winning platform for efficient fleet management

Save time and money by digitizing your fleet management

The costs for personnel, vehicles and operating resources are rising and place a burden on companies with large fleets in more than one way. Manual fleet management takes up a lot of time every day: Often for time-consuming phone calls and unnecessary trips as part of vehicle scheduling.

Are you looking for solutions to operate your fleet economically?

The solution is very simple:

  • With A1 Digital's Fleet Management, you can connect all vehicles and be informed about their locations and movements at all times.

  • In addition, the telematics platform for fleet management saves you a lot of bureaucracy, for example through the electronic logbook and driver recognition.

  • It also enables the evaluation of detailed data on vehicle and machine usage for the optimal utilization of your fleet.

Keep your customers and employees happy while reducing costs!

Case Studies


PORR: Large-scale asset tracking with precision

In collaboration with A1 Digital, PORR AG, a leading construction company in Europe, has connected a large number of their machines and vehicles. This extensive IoT implementation optimizes the utilization and availability of its assets and increases operational efficiency significantly.


Lebenshilfe Tirol: Comprehensive fleet management

Lebenshilfe Tirol uses A1 Digital's fleet management solution to track all its vehicles and to administrate all drivers. The built-in hardware reduces the administrative workload by automatically recording driver-related trips and routes and creating an electronic logbook suitable for use by the tax authorities.


Hochzeiger Bergbahnen: Fleet management in extreme conditions

Hochzeiger Bergbahnen uses A1 Digital's fleet management system to efficiently manage its company vehicles even under extreme climatic conditions. The robust M2M SIM cards from A1 Digital, which work reliably at temperatures as low as -40 °C, significantly improve the logistics and deployment planning of the vehicles and ensure smooth processes.

Smart Tacho 2 Fahrtenschreiberpflicht 2024

Smart tachograph 2: The new tachograph regulations are coming in 2024

Due to new tachograph regulations as part of the EU’s mobility package, trucks and commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in cross-border traffic will have to be equipped with the new smart tachograph version 2 between 2024 and 2026. With the digital remote readout of your smart tachograph 2, you are able to continuously optimize tachograph compliance with legal requirements and reduce the time and costs of your fleet management at the same time.


What is fleet management?

Fleet management plays a central role in strategic corporate management, particularly with regard to reducing costs and increasing efficiency. It includes fleet monitoring and fleet maintenance of vehicle fleets of all sizes. Telematics systems and vehicle tracking via GPS give companies a precise overview of the condition and location of their vehicles. A fleet management software enables improved fleet scheduling, supports vehicle compliance with legal regulations and contributes to fleet safety and fleet optimization.

What are the goals of fleet management?

The aim of fleet management is to optimize vehicle usage by reducing operating costs and fleet administrations to maximize efficiency. By implementing targeted measures, fuel consumption and maintenance costs are minimized and safety and compliance are improved. Companies organize their operations more efficiently and sustainably by increasing their productivity, reducing costs and protecting the environment.

What are the pillars of a successful fleet management?

The key features for a successful fleet management system lie in the following areas:

  • Fleet telematics and fleet tracking enable optimized vehicle scheduling and detect undesirable fleet operations such as excessive idling or detours.

  • Fleet maintenance and vehicle management minimize downtimes and extend the service life of vehicles. Good management also includes selecting the right vehicles for the specific needs of the fleet.

  • Vehicle diagnostics, data analysis and reporting provide the basis for informed decisions about your targeted fleet utilization and cost-saving opportunities.

  • Zone and route monitoring provide proof of deliveries to customers.

  • Environmental responsibility and increased efficiency go hand in hand - with the use of low emission vehicles, optimization of vehicle scheduling and routes to reduce mileage and initiatives to reduce overall fuel consumption.

How is technology shaping fleet management?

The integration of telematics and IoT enables data to be transmitted and analyzed in real time. Fleet management software and apps provide valuable insights into routes and operational data. Companies can make informed decisions based on accurate data and manage their vehicle fleets more effectively.

Mastering the challenges of fleet management

Companies face numerous challenges in fleet management, including fuel price fluctuations, legal regulations and driver shortages.

The use of optimized vehicle scheduling can make it easier to deal with fluctuating fuel prices and downtimes. At the same time, modern telematics systems provide real-time data for your fleet management and support the fulfillment of legal regulations and environmental standards.

What will fleet management look like in the future?

In the future, Fleet management will be shaped by autonomous driving and electromobility. Autonomous driving will increase efficiency by reducing human error and increasing safety on the roads. Electromobility helps to reduce environmental pollution and support companies in improving their carbon footprint.

What is the meaning of fleet management telematics?

Fleet management telematics is a modern communication technology for processing information in order to effectively monitor and manage vehicle fleets. It enables real-time collection of data such as location, speed and vehicle status, for optimized fleet operations and increased safety.

How does a fleet management software work?

A fleet management software collects data from vehicles using telematics devices to track vehicle movements and increase fleet efficiency. It provides dashboards and reports for a comprehensive overview and control of the entire fleet.