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Security Assessments & Vulnerability Management

Security Assessments & Vulnerability Management

Let us identify the gateways into your IT systems before others do

Go on the offensive to strengthen the defenses of your IT

Identify the gaps in your IT security landscape before criminals exploit them – through automated scanning, penetration tests and social engineering campaigns conducted by A1 Digital’s professional hackers.

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Penetration Tests

  • Who knows best how to protect your IT systems from hackers? Hackers!
  • Attacking from the internet with little to no knowledge, starting from the internal network like ransomware does, or targeted assessments of mobile- or web applications- we can cover various viewpoints of a potential adversary.
  • After the test, you’ll receive a detailed report of the discovered vulnerabilities, which enables you to fix them before real damage arises.
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Social Engineering Tests

  • Besides technical measures, your employees make the difference in IT security.
  • Social Engineers exploit human emotions to steal data or intrude into systems.
  • Our experts will use tactics like phishing emails to test your employees.
  • With the test results, you can sharpen your security guidelines and train your employees to recognize potential risks.
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Red Teaming

  • Enterprises with critical infrastructure or valuable intellectual property might become targets to orchestrated attacks by cyber criminals.
  • In such a case, all protection measures have to interlock smoothly.
  • In a Red Teaming assessment, our hacker team simulates a complex attack scenario to help you to raise your overall security level.

"IT security is for professionals. Our security experts know how to intrude into IT systems. But we don´t use our knowledge for data theft, we make it available to companies so that they can better protect their systems."

A1 Digital team of experts

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Offensity: No-Touch Automatic Vulnerability Scanner

  • Offensity regularly scans all your systems which are externally accessible for potential security risks; open ports, unpatched server software, SQL injections, XSS vulnerabilities, and more.
  • The web-based tool is hands down the most convenient option to keep your IT systems safe and protect them from intrusion.
  • After a few minutes of setup, Offensity runs on its own – the only job your team has to do is to resolve the identified issues.

The simplest way to detect vulnerabilities


Enter your domain

Enter your main domain – Offensity will find all your subdomains for you.


Let Offensity do its job

Offensity scans all your systems and technologies for known vulnerabilities – automatically and regularly.


Get reports and action recommendations

Offensity creates summaries and drilled-down issue reports and provides concrete recommendations for action.

How does Offensity work?

This is what our customers say

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"We chose Offensity to help us make our systems safer and meet the requirements of internal and external bank auditors. We´ve been able to identify weaknesses, and quickly mitigate them with the measures proposed in the report"

Christian Mühlberger IT-Infrastructure , VKB Bank