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Rail Insight

Rail Insight

We get your digitalized freight car fleet rolling

Smart up your freight wagons!

Digital solutions for rail freight transport help you find answers to important and urgent questions. How? Through the Internet of Things (IoT), you can network your entire freight car fleet and make it smart - and collect extensive data during operation.

The result: you are aware of the location and condition of your freight cars at all times, can make better decisions based on data, and can even automate complete processes.

Your challenge: missing data

Where is a particular freight car at the moment?

What is the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of a delivery?

How many kilometers has a particular freight wagon traveled so far?

Has a freight wagon been damaged during the journey or during loading?

When should a freight wagon be inspected or repaired?

Have delivery conditions like temperature been uninterruptedly maintained?

Some companies that already trust our IoT solutions for rail:

Let us transform your analog freight cars into digital assets to enable you to create new, data-driven business models. Here's how it works:

1. Equip freight wagons with trackers.

Rail Equip freight cars with trackers

2. Transmit data.

Rail Submit Data

3. Collect and monitor data.

Rail Collect and monitor data

4. Analyze data with AI.

Rail AI powered analytics

Complete solutions from A1 Digital

For the implementation, railway companies and owners of freight wagons need a strong partner who can quickly deliver the appropriate IoT technologies and support the rollout.

A1 Digital offers proven and ready-to-use end-to-end solutions for rail freight. Thousands of freight cars are already connected via our trackers. We provide you with solutions for the entire IoT value chain.

Rail Tracker


The trackers are the "brain" of your freight wagons and continuously collect data on the operating status.

  • Captures GPS location data and mileage

  • Detects shock and vibration through a 3D shock pressure sensor

  • Captures temperature and weight of the freight

  • Bluetooth interface for importing further sensor data, e.g., on cooling temperature or humidity

  • Own power supply, runtime up to 10 years

Io T Building Blocks Connectivity SIM Card


All trackers are connected via the mobile phone network and data is transmitted worldwide.

  • Excellent network coverage in over 140 countries

  • Affordable tariffs for every need

  • Manage all SIM cards in a single software platform

Rail Collect and monitor data

A1 Digital Rail Insight data platform

In an online dashboard, you monitor the status of all freight cars and evaluate reports.

  • Retrieve all available information on each freight wagon

  • Display all freight wagons on one map

  • Set alarms and rules

  • Transfer data to ERP and disposition systems

  • Easy operation: intuitive, easy-to-use interface for quick onboarding

Based on the data, you can make faster and better decisions.

Dispose freight wagons more efficiently
Calculate ETA for all deliveries
Define automatic processes based on rules
Able to provide information to customers at any time
Enrich more systems with data

Rail Cargo Austria

Rail Cargo Austria freight trains become “smart”

Rhätische Bahn

Rhätische Bahn tracks position, movement and condition of its wagons


Every wagon is tracked

Why is A1 Digital the right partner?

Turnkey IoT solutions to start quickly

All required components from a single source

Proven expertise and experience in the industry.

Secure European data platform: All data belong to customers


"We are very satisfied with the solution developed by A1 Digital and we especially appreciate the harmonious combination of hardware and software.”

Clemens Först CEO, ÖBB Rail Cargo Group (RCG)
Rh B Train in the Alps

On-Demand Webinar Available Now!

Join Tobias Hohl, Senior IT Project Manager at Rhaetian Railway (RhB), as he delves into the transformative world of IoT in rail freight. Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from a leading industry expert. Perfect for IT professionals, railway enthusiasts, and technology innovators.