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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

You have the data. It’s time to put it to use.

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Enter a new level of industrial automation – literally

Businesses generate vast amounts of data through the IoT, unaware of the potential they hold. Our Advanced Analytics solutions enable you to tap into it, to automate and enhance your processes and develop new revenue streams.

Some companies already going further with Machine Learning:

Our Focus Areas

Condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Damaged or unavailable machines and assets directly impact your operational results. To detect and resolve issues as quickly as possible, Advanced Analytics can be used to monitor the condition of your assets – both stationary and mobile – and inform you of any anomalies.
  • Detect shocks, damages, and other issues in real-time
  • Monitor all parameters of entire assembly lines or production plants and detect anomalies in real-time
  • Quickly identify the causes for damages or malfunctions
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Process Optimization for Industrial Machines

Industrial manufacturing processes often rely on human experience and gut feeling. Advanced Analytics enables you to bring your operational performance and quality to an entirely new level: It compares thousands of stored process parameters and learns to choose the right parameters to unlock hidden potentials in your operation.

  • Identify and resolve bottlenecks
  • Reduce material and energy consumption
  • Increase the quality of your product
  • Get consistent results
Predictive maintenance leo

Predictive Maintenance

Skip unnecessary maintenance intervals and prevent costly repairs. With a predictive maintenance solution, you can detect anomalies in your operational real-time data which indicate wear and tear or potential malfunctions of machines and parts. Thus, you can service machines only when they need it and put your resources to optimal use.

  • Optimize the capacity utilization of your maintenance team
  • Reduce maintenance and operation costs
  • Avoid failures and downtimes
  • Use machines as long as possible
Customized solutions leo

Customized Solutions

We’re sure: There are many undiscovered treasures hidden in your data. You have the ideas and use cases for exploitation, we have the machine learning know-how and the specialists to let your ideas become reality. Get in touch with us to discuss and see how Advanced Analytics for IoT can elevate your business.

  • Reduce costs and lead times
  • Optimize process and output quality
  • Establish complex automation scenarios
  • Discover and develop new revenue streams

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