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Digitalization increases the reliability of industrial shredders





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A1 Digital brings UNTHA shredders to the cloud.

UNTHA shredders in the cloud.


International M2M-Connectivity

With an international M2M connectivity solution, including multi-network SIM cards, and the corresponding professional service for the installation and programming of the solution, A1 Digital guaranteed smooth networking of the shredder systems.


Visualizing with IoT platform

The A1 Digital IoT platform acts as a back-end and front-end platform for visualizing the corresponding machine data.


Early detection of deviations

The early detection of deviations and measures for process optimisation prevents unplanned and expensive downtimes of the machine and increases its availability and productivity.

Untha case study robert diosi

"The cooperation with A1 Digital has been very positive so far, and the integration into our machines took place seamlessly. The solution also gives us the opportunity to equip prototypes with fast measuring systems to measure the forces on the housing, vibrations and much more for a long-term view."

Robert Diosi Product Manager at UNTHA shredding technology GmbH

Implementation of IoT infrastructure

In order to live up to the brand promise even in times of general digital transformation, it was obvious for UNTHA managers to invest in pioneering technologies and to digitize UNTHA shredding solutions and connect them to the cloud. UnTHA has chosen A1 Digital International GmbH as a partner in the implementation of the appropriate IoT infrastructure.

The UNTHA GENIUS intelligent assistance system is the brain of every shredder. Together with a condition monitoring system, GENIUS can be integrated into any stationary and mobile UNTHA machine. It collects and analyses all important operating and process data such as power costs, temperature of process-critical components in real time and provides the user with analyses of all relevant measured values (approx. 100 real-time channels) already directly in the machine as well as a pre-evaluation of machine vibrations and the power quality according to EN 50160. Vibration analyses such as envelopes and fourier transforms are used. All information is clearly displayed in the user-friendly customer portal “MyUNTHA”.

Exact measuring of energy consumption

The intelligent condition monitoring shows the operator any disturbances occurring in the form of alarms via SMS or notification to the screen so that they can be quickly fixed. As the cost per tonne of material is an essential factor in this market, measuring energy consumption is of particular importance both for the customer in terms of current energy costs and for UNTHA in terms of the quality and reliability of the shredding solution. The condition monitoring of the machines also provides UNTHA with valuable data for further product development, facilitates the assessment of warranty and guarantee cases and enables UNTHA to proactively address the customer and to offer the appropriate service if necessary.

About Untha

What began 50 years ago with a small machine locksmith with five employees has now developed into a supplier of shredding machines that sells its products worldwide. UNTHA shredding technology GmbH, headquartered in Kuchl, Austria, develops shredding solutions for various applications, in which valuable raw material resources are spared, waste volumes are reduced and precious energy is recovered. Since its foundation in 1970, the company has been committed to the brand promise “The reliable brand”. What is meant is that UNTHA does everything possible to be more reliable than other providers.

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