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Tractive offers its customers a handy GPS solution for animals, which in turn allows the animal's location to be retrieved in real time, through A1 Digital's global IoT network.

Why Tractive chose A1 Digital


Worldwide network coverage & roaming

The compact SIM chips, which enable worldwide network coverage and national roaming in around 140 countries, are permanently installed in the GPS trackers.


Durable SIM chips

In addition to their worldwide use, the SIM chips are also distinguished by the fact that they can withstand even extreme situations and conditions such as heat, cold or vibrations.


SIMplify for error analysis

The IoT backend platform SIMplify is used by Tractive mainly for diagnostic purposes, e.g. to perform an individual error analysis of individual SIM chips.

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“In just a few years, Tractive has become the leading provider of GPS tracking for dogs and cats. Rapid growth would not have been possible without the professional support of our core partners. A1 Digital has been a connectivity partner from the start and has supported us well in our global scale”

Michael Hurnaus CEO & Co-Founder Tractive GmbH

The Customer:

Founded in 2012 by a group of animal-loving entrepreneurs in Pasching, Tractive GmbH has become the worldwide market leader in GPS tracking for dogs and cats in only six years. Since its foundation, Tractive's work has been shaped by the mission to strengthen the connection between pet owners and their pets through technology to enable a longer and safer. For this purpose Tractive developed GPS trackers for pets and a matching app for pet owners and pet lovers.

The GPS tracker enables pet owners to locate their pets precisely anytime and anywhere. The 35 g light GPS devices, which are attached to the collar of the pet, are very robust, 100 percent waterproof and almost unbreakable. The trackers work over any distance and have an unlimited range. So owners can track their pets even on the other side of the world. The owners can call up the exact location of the dog or cat directly via the free smartphone apps or via a web browser. The Tractive solution also offers pet owners the option of using an integrated virtual fence. If the dog or cat leaves a predefined safe zone (geofence), the owner is immediately informed.

The Challenge & Solution:

To send location information to the customer's smartphone, the GPS trackers use the available mobile phone networks. Since Tractive's customers rely on knowing at a glance and reliably in real time where their pet is at any time, a constant and reliable connection is necessary, no matter where in the world the animal is. In order to guarantee its customers global connectivity, Tractive relies on A1 Digital's managed connectivity solution.

A1 Digital's Managed Connectivity solution includes the proven robust M2M SIM chips for global networking and the IoT backend platform SIMplify for automated monitoring of a large number of SIM cards.

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