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Munich-based start-up relies on an intelligent charging infrastructure for electric cars.

Why reev chose to work with A1 Digital

Robust SIM Cards & platform

A1 Digital's managed connectivity solution consists of the robust MultiNetwork-M2M SIM cards and the Bulk SIM management platform SIMplify. A1 Digital's M2M SIM cards use virtually every available mobile phone network.

Roaming advantage

In the event of a lack of or poor network coverage at the site, the SIM card automatically switches to the mobile network with the best coverage as part of the roaming tariff to ensure the flow of data – and throughout Europe.

Managed thru SIMplify platform

As a result, the installation of charging stations close to the border poses no problem. The SIM cards are managed and controlled via the web browser of the SIMplify platform.

Easy activation

For example, the data volume can be monitored, SIM cards in newly installed charging stations can be quickly and easily activated and also deactivated for maintenance purposes.

Reev case study zitat

"The Managed Connectivity solution from A1 Digital is fast, dynamic, flexible and can also be used internationally. The employees are always responsive and provide great support. For us, it is therefore out of the question to equip the planned more than 20,000 charging stations with modern M2M SIM chips from A1 Digital in the next few years and to manage them via the SIMplify platform."

Eduard Schlutius CEO at reev

The Customer:

Each charging station has intelligent software and a stable connectivity solution. The reev software is suitable for load and charging management of charging infrastructures of almost any size and is designed for maximum user-friendliness.

The Challenge & Solution:

With the help of the managed connectivity solution of A1 Digital International GmbH in conjunction with reev's cloud solution, charging station operators can also monitor and control comprehensive charging infrastructures remotely. With an intuitive dashboard, various user groups can be managed individually, different rates can be assigned and booking accounts can be billed accurately.

The charging station operator always keeps an eye on all current charging processes, the charging load and occupancy of the charging stations. It also receives real-time fault messages and can publish charging stations in the navigation system and via roaming.

In order to also be able to set up the charging stations in structurally weak and border regions, not only the use of the strongest mobile network in each case, but also the cross-border use of different mobile networks is guaranteed.

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