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IoT Connectivity

IoT Connectivity

Simple and reliable global M2M communication. All in one place.

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Monitor your devices. Anywhere in the world.

From the hardware to the network and 24/7 support. A1 Digital has everything you need to manage your global IoT infrastructure from a single, secure, and scalable managed connectivity platform.

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"The Managed Connectivity solution from A1 Digital is fast, dynamic, flexible and can also be used internationally. The employees are always responsive and provide great support. For us, it is therefore out of the question to equip the planned more than 20,000 charging stations with modern M2M SIM chips from A1 Digital in the next few years and to manage them via the SIMplify platform."

Eduard Schlutius CEO, Reev

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Why A1 Digital?

Worldwide network coverage

Connect in over 140+ countries with a single robust SIM card.

Scalable rates

A network that grows with you. Only pay for what you need.

24/7 support

Our Customer Success Team is here for you, 24/7,

Centralized control

Control all of your assets from a single platform, no matter where they are in the world.

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