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Industrial Insight

Industrial Insight

Turnkey solution for remote monitoring of machines and equipment

Labor shortages and cost pressures are not the only challenges that many companies face.

Industrial Insight is a complete solution consisting of a software platform, data connection, and perfectly fitting hardware. It helps you monitor your machines from anywhere in the world, reduce maintenance costs, optimize availability, and automate processes. Receive notifications and identify anomalies. Provide your customers with better service and lay the foundation for new business.

Who is Industrial Insight for? Some examples:

Manufacturing companies

e.g. manufacturers of metal products, furniture or process industries

Information and communication

e.g. operators of telecommunications systems and broadcasting equipment

Municipal services

e.g. water supply, wastewater, and waste disposal

How to monitor your machines and equipment with Industrial Insight from A1 Digital

1. Collect data

A data gateway extracts existing data points from machine controllers. Additional data points can be collected using additional sensors and measuring devices as needed.

Industrial Machine and Gateway

2. Transmit data

All data is transmitted via mobile networks to a secure European IoT platform and stored there. The data belongs only to you, and we can not read it. You can export it to other systems.

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3. Dashboard visualization and more

The dashboard displays important information about your machines, such as conditions, anomalies, and current messages. Analyze all data in detail or be notified of anomalies.

Io T Platform on Exoscale EU Cloud
Condition monitoring

Real-time machine monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your machines across multiple locations allows you to effectively control your production process and ensure that your machines are working under optimal conditions. Early detection of possible mechanical faults helps you avoid critical failures and unnecessary interruptions to your production process.

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Cloud opens up numerous possibilities

With our gateways, we bring the operational data of your machines and equipment into our cloud-based IoT platform. The data is visualized in meaningful dashboards or can be forwarded to other platforms (e.g. machine learning), external data storage solutions, or third-party ERP systems for further processing.

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Quick identification of anomalies

The detection of deviations from the normal state of machine operation can help identify problems during machine operation, analyze operational inefficiencies, and identify possible mechanical faults early. In addition, the machines can be equipped with additional sensors to close data gaps.

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Increased efficiency

Collect machine data to use for future analyses and as a data basis for optimization measures, or create ML models to increase your operational efficiency.

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Discover interactive demo

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