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Floor protector: Measurement of building material condition and connectivity by A1 Digital





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Floor Protector offers its customers devices for real-time condition measurement of various building materials (wood, screed) and has been awarded the Austrian Innovation Award. In order to be prepared for the future and to modernize its own product portfolio, floor protector decided to digitalize its measuring procedures with A1 Digital.

Why Floor Protector chose to work with A1 Digital


Managed connectivity

The networking of new or existing technical devices is easy to implement with the managed connectivity solutions from A1 Digital.


Secure global data transmission

Communication with technical devices can be a security risk with the M2M SIM cards from A1 Digital, however, even global data transmission is secure..


From prototype to production

Putting new ideas for innovative networked products and solutions into practice often seems impossible with workshops and concepts from A1 Digital, your idea becomes reality, from the first prototype to series production

Case study floor protector alfred puchegger

“A1 Digital's tailor-made connectivity solution was a valuable support for the realisation of our product. floor protector will continue to rely on the expertise of A1 Digital for future projects.”

Alfred Puchegger Managing Director of fp floor protector GmbH

The Customer:

Floor protector offers its customers various measuring methods and devices for building materials and therefore provides information about the condition of the material – for uncomplicated damage assessment or preventive monitoring. The company's processes are used, among other things, to accompany the drying process of screeds.

Previous measurement methods according to the so-called CM method suffered from the problem that it could not be automatically concluded that the floor was ready for covering. This means that the floor layer has always had to travel to the construction site several times in person in order to check for moisture, e.g. screed – which in turn means a high cost and time.

The Challenge:

An unnecessary effort, as Helmut Jilg, one of the two managing directors at floor protector GmbH, found. More modern and practical solutions were needed. Therefore, the company began to develop an innovative digital measuring method and realized this in the form of the “hmbox”. The handy device determines the relative humidity and temperature of screeds in real time. On the basis of the transmitted data, the optimal time for the laying of the top floor can be determined.

floor protector needed support in the realization of the product, especially in the field of data transmission. Here, the company chose A1 Digital's broad portfolio to implement digital communication technology into the innovative device. Other requirements should be met to provide an optimal product experience: The data should be accessible to different users – builder, architect, construction manager, etc. – via a web browser or via a smartphone app. Monitoring over a longer period of time should facilitate quality control in the form of graphs and tables.

The Solution:

A1 Digital delivered a custom-made M2M Managed Connectivity Solution. For this purpose, the robust and durable M2M SIM card from A1 Digital was installed in the hmbox. The SIM card transmits all data in a 12-hour interval until the screed moisture limit is reached to the cloud application provided by A1 Digital. The data can be controlled via a web browser or via a smartphone app. Centralized control, management, and monitoring of SIM cards provides a customized managed connectivity solution with an easy-to-use interface.

The global SIM cards (M2M SIM chips) connect the measuring devices to various roaming partners per country, including the national roaming partners in Austria and to a special roaming zone with North America, Australia and New Zealand.

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