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hiQ: A1 Digital implements realtime tracking of construction machinery and material delivery





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hiQ solutions quickly put its IoT solution for the construction industry on the road. The Managed Connectivity solution enabled realtime communication between the machines, which were needed for the smooth running of the renovation of Vienna Airports runways

Why hiq Solutions chose to work with A1 Digital


Fail safe connectivity

Building in highly sensitive environments such as airports, in order to avoid high fines for disrupting ongoing air traffic, requires maximum precision and lightning-fast response times from man and machine, which is guaranteed at all times by the combination of fail-safe mobile communications, sophisticated M2M SIM chips and measurement results in real time .


Savings potential

Building on-going large-scale structures such as airports, shopping malls or traffic light intersections in major cities is very expensive Reliable and precise network and data analysis solutions such as those from A1 Digital offer considerable savings potential.


State of the art technology

Ineffective, decentralized data collection of machines scattered across many construction sites is a thing of the past with bespoke fleet management and asset tracking solutions.

The Customer:

The Vienna-based hiQ solutions GmbH specializes in solutions for the process optimization of construction sites and construction processes. The company, founded in 2012, makes these highly complex process sequences simple and practicable for the construction industry. HiQ solutions uses telematics solutions to access the machine and device data in real time. The constant comparison of the current machine values with the planned / target values allows the construction company unlimited control over the course of the project. If there are deviations from the plan, these are processed immediately and the cooperation of all participants is adjusted accordingly in real time.

The Challenge:

The renovation of the runways of Vienna Airport. For this project, perfect M2M communication was required because flight operations were not to be impaired. Otherwise, flight delays and thus high penalties threatened. The time for the asphalt construction was so short and had to be designed particularly efficient. A second-precise timing of material deliveries, the use of construction equipment and the work steps were required for successful implementation. For this, the communication of the machines with each other and with the central office had to function smoothly.

The Solution:

hiQ solutions needed a connectivity solution for networking the different construction vehicles and machines as well as the provision of GPS and telematics data, which guarantees maximum stability, scalability and integrability.

Here, the company relied on the managed connectivity solution from A1 Digital, consisting of the fail-safe A1 mobile network, the robust M2M SIM cards and the BULK SIM management platform SIMplify of the A1 Digital. The SIM cards were installed in the hardware components of the different vehicles and machines.

The SIM cards were administered, controlled and the lifecycle automated and managed via SIMplify. Comprehensive reporting and troubleshooting was made possible through reports, dashboards and diagnostic tools. Individually defined triggers for alerts ensured that the responsible persons were informed immediately in order to react to failures or disruptions in the shortest possible time.

hiQ solutions kept the tight schedule and completed the refurbishment of the runway in no time.

The telematics solution used in conjunction with the managed connectivity solutions from A1 Digital has made it possible to realize considerable savings potential. In the area of ​​process optimization and process control, the short-term cost savings were 8 to 11 percent. In the long term, with integration along the value chain, it was up to 30 percent.

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