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Transform your data into business value with the Internet of things

Transform your data into business value with the Internet of things

Building blocks and turnkey solutions for many IoT use cases.

How will the Internet of Things unleash new potential for your business?

your operations, maintenance, and capacity utilization of machines and other assets.
your sales, service revenues, and overall competitiveness.
new products and business models for today's and tomorrow's markets.

“A1 Digital's solution enables our customers to track freight wagons in real time and find out their current position and estimated time of arrival. In doing so, we are taking a major step towards cutting edge logistics. We are very satisfied with the solution developed by A1 Digital and we especially appreciate the harmonious combination of hardware and software.”

Clemens Först CEO, Rail Cargo Group (RCG, member of ÖBB)

Over 700 customers are already successfully using our IoT solutions. Here are some of them:

Unleash your potential with our turnkey solutions and advanced analytics.

Use instead of build. Our solutions for various applications include everything you need to start in no time, from sensors and SIM cards to the management platform and advanced analytics applications.

Build and connect your own IoT solution.

Whether you want to build your IoT application from scratch or just need one building block for your self-developed solution: we’ve got you covered.


IoT Connectivity

Connect in 140+ countries with a single SIM card and manage your global assets from a central, scalable platform.

Make things smarter to make your business more successful.

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Connect everything and leverage the full potential of your business assets. From water hydrants to pet collars or manufacturing machines. Build your IoT application from scratch using our full stack or get a pre-built solution.

Why A1 Digital?

Proven Success

Our solutions work. They work for you! We’ve helped more than 700 customers from various industries to harness the potential of IoT.

Integrated Solutions

Whether you need a custom or a pre-built solution, we’re the one-stop resource for the entire IoT value chain.

Outstanding support

We’re always here for you. Our experts work closely with our customers during the entire project, and we provide 24/7 support.

Reliable partner

We’re a fast-moving, agile minded company—backed by the resources and infrastructure of A1 Telekom Austria Group.

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