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Securely host your data & build applications in the cloud

Securely host your data & build applications in the cloud

Simple, scalable, secure cloud services powered by Exoscale.

Our cloud service Exoscale offers you a optimal GDPR-compliant solution!

Scale your business and keep it up-to-date with Exoscale: A1 Digital’s secure, European-based cloud. All zones are within Europe, with datacenters located in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Bulgaria, making GDPR a breeze.

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Our core values.

Our simple and intuitive interfaces make powerful concepts easy to use for teams of any size.
Get the flexibility you need without the expense - with one simple hourly price pro-rated down to the second.
Exoscale’s European-based datacenters are fully GDPR-compliant and protected by multi-factor authentication to keep your data secure.
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“We have already tried a number of IaaS offerings. But Exoscale is the best platform so far, because the handling is really simple and intuitive and convinces us of the maintenance- and trouble-free operation in all operating areas."

Robert Sefr Technical Director of Whalebone

Services & Products Overview

All cloud services you need combined in one place. Exoscale provides a complete portfolio, from standard VMs over Managed Kubernetes to DBaaS.

  • Compute Instances
  • Object Storage
  • DNS
  • Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS)
  • Managed Kubernetes (SKS)
  • GPU Servers

Managed easily with your preferred choice of tools like Terraform or via our simple CLI or API.

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"With Exoscale, we can focus on our business and don't have to worry about anything else. The possibility of only purchasing as much capacity as we need at a time is another plus from a cost point of view”.

Robert Sefr Technical Director of Whalebone

Flexibility and independence

Flexibility and independence are important for your cloud infrastructure. Benefit from no vendor lock-in on our platform.

Open Source based

We rely on open source and are actively contributing to the open source community.


We take GDPR and privacy seriously. With our datacenters located solely in Europe, we ensure that your workloads remain in Europe and you are fully GDPR-compliant.

True Pay-per-Use

Only pay what you really use and benefit from our transparent, simple pricing.

Reliable Support

Problems? Issues? Our support team helps you to get your problems solved quickly.


As one of our core values, security is important to us. We adhere to many regulations and undergo recurring audits to ensure your data are safe.

Exoscale is a proud member of

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Whitepaper: Cloud Act vs. GDPR

In this whitepaper, Dennis G. Jansen, an expert in international IT and data protection law, explains the contradictory regulations and fundamentally different motivations of the US-CLOUD Act and EU-GDPR. This helps decision-makers to identify cloud providers that enable a smooth and compliant partnership.

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