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Innovative solutions for the construction industry

Innovative solutions for the construction industry

We harness a new raw material for you - data

You work in the construction industry and need to find answers to challenges like these?

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"We waste a lot of time looking for machines and tools - and many of them keep disappearing."

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"Could we better utilize our large equipment and maybe even downsize our fleet?"

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"The operating and maintenance costs of our vehicles and equipment are permanently increasing."

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Are you looking for ways to work more efficiently, save resources and reduce administrative work? There are proven solutions for this - based on a raw material that has rarely been used until now.

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Data is a new, valuable raw material for the construction industry

Digital solutions for the construction site help you find answers to your most pressing problems. How? By utilizing IoT solutions, you can connect your assets to collect and analyze data to gain valuable insights.

Some companies that already rely on our IoT solutions:

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Straightforward installation and a solution tailored to our needs. A1 Digital's Fleet Management and Asset Tracking solution enables us to optimize machine utilization at lower cost.

Mag. Ing. Thomas Bodner Company Management of Bodner Bau GmbH & Co. KG

Based on data evaluations, you will make better decisions and can accelerate or even automate many processes.

You still need materials and people to build houses. But with data, you can use your resources much more efficiently, to build both more sustainably and more cost-effectively.

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57% of companies in the construction industry see high potential in IoT solutions for the construction site. But only 21% estimate their capabilities in this area as to be strong.

Source: PwC

Therefore, construction companies need a strong partner who can supply the appropriate IoT technologies and provide support during the rollout.

The future of the construction site today: with A1 Digital

Increase machine efficiency

Identify underutilized machines or those that are nearby at the touch of a button.

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Identify device location

Locate all machines and devices at the touch of a button.

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Electronic driver's log

Keep a driver’s logbook for your vehicle fleet easily.


Anti-theft alarm

When a device leaves a specified area, you are automatically notified.

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Meter operating times

Keep track of usage times for all devices up-to-the-minute for analysis or customer billing.

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With A1 Digital, you make the leap from knowing to doing! Our solutions provide you with data for planning, construction, post-calculation and optimization. These applications on your construction sites are already feasible today.

Register inventory

Identify the complete inventory on your sites and retrieve operational data.

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Preventative maintenance

Monitor machine usage and schedule maintenance at the ideal time.

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Trace deliveries

Track and trace material deliveries in real time and coordinate work scheduling accordingly.

Shipment Tracking

Zone & parameter based alerts

Email alerts are generated as soon as vehicles enter or leave geo-zones, or as soon as defined thresholds (e.g. operating hours, mileage, speed, etc.) are reached.

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Data is the raw material of the future - Are you ready for it?

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Our customers immediately experience the benefits from the adoption of IoT solutions as they are able to make better decisions. ROI expectations are usually achieved by the first year.

Your benefits from IoT solutions on the construction site

Lower administrative costs

Lower maintenance costs

Optimized disposition

Less time for searching

Fewer thefts

Optimized lifecycle management

Think big, start small

A1 Digital harnesses the potential of digitization for the construction industry, even for companies with limited IT resources. Let’s start fast and pragmatically with a single application - then expand the solution gradually and leverage further potential. We offer:

Ready-made, proven end-to-end solutions that you can deploy right away
The complete toolbox to run your IoT solutions: Hardware, connectivity, cloud platform, data analytics and IT security.
The expertise and resources to develop custom applications for you to gain further insights from your data
An open data platform to which you can connect any third-party solutions
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