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Turnkey IoT Solutions

Turnkey IoT Solutions

The most efficient way to start your digital transformation.

Does digital transformation seem daunting?

Don’t get intimidated! Get started quickly and easily with pre-built solutions from A1 Digital!

Featured pre-built solutions

Asset Insight

Never lose an important shipment or asset again. Gain critical insights and get 24/7 location status—including alerts for any incidents or unauthorized movements—on our plug-and-play tracking platform

Industrial Insight

Reduce maintenance costs and optimize machine uptime with condition monitoring and anomaly detection using our pre-integrated industrial hardware and secure ML platform

Energy Insight

Save costs, detect premature failures, and intelligently reduce your energy consumption by monitoring and logging the power consumption across all of your various assets from a single dashboard. Click here.

Rail Insight

Keep your rail system online and efficient with 24/7 location and condition monitoring hardware and software specifically developed to withstand the rigerous physical and environmental stresses of the rail system. Click here.

Fleet Management

Optimize your logistics and eliminate hidden costs in your fleet. Monitor everything from vehicle status and location to operating times and alerts—all in real-time with A1 Digital’s Fleet Management Solution

Solutions for the Construction Industry

Operate more efficiently, save resources and reduce administrative work. Click here.

Some highly satisfied customers using our IoT solutions:

Portrait thomas bodner 600x600

"Uncomplicated installation and tailor-made solution for our needs. A1 Digital's fleet management and asset tracking solution allows us to optimize machine utilization while reducing costs."

Mag. Ing. Thomas Bodner Managing Director of Bodner Bau GmbH & Co. KG

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