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Does your network slow you down?

Does your network slow you down?

Cloud-based Network as a Service

Ditch the rigid legacy network models and move to a scalable, future-proofed network structure

Connect your entire infrastructure on a single, secure and cloud-based network - manage and monitor it on one central platform - with SD-WAN.

The network you need, when and where you need it most.

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Don't let your network hold you back

Complex, expensive and inflexible site networking is a thing of the past. SD-WAN is the high-performance and cost-effective solution for your network needs.

How does SD-WAN work?

With Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), network traffic management is decoupled from the hardware and taken over by software. This makes it possible to create a hybrid WAN and intelligently bundle different accesses and lines. SD-WAN is the smart and future-proof basis for your company's digitization requirements. SD-WAN manages your company's entire network traffic efficiently, securely and with high performance - and, above all, it is cost-effective. Independent of your Internet provider and the technology you use, you remain flexible at all times and control everything via an easy-to-use platform. Freezing video conferences, insufficient bandwidths or slowly reacting business applications are now a thing of the past!

Is SD-WAN right for your business?

Lower operating costs

See ROI quickly - Realize savings on everything from hardware costs and maintenance to optimized network utilization

Increased network performance

Achieve higher levels of performance with network optimization and smart packet-level traffic management with SD-WAN

Flexible hosting options

In the cloud or on prem, purchased or rented, you control where your data is stored

Improved network security

Encrypt all of your communication channels and manage your entire network security from a single location

Simple installation and administration

Don’t chase issues between networks. See your entire infrastructure at a glance and fix problems quickly with a centrally-managed network.

Secure European Cloud

Ensure your network is protected in accordance with European data protection and security standards on A1 Digital’s Exoscale European Cloud

A Name you can trust

A1 Digital has profound experience and works with the market leading SD-WAN suppliers including VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud™

Worry-free service and support

Get expert advice on planning and implementation or use our full SD-WAN managed service

If you’re looking for any of these benefits, it might be time to switch over to SD-WAN

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Whitepaper: The network of the future: simple, secure and intelligent

This whitepaper is about why Network as Service, SD-WAN and Smart VPN is the answer to tomorrow's challenges. Thanks to new technologies, digitization offers countless starting points for optimizing existing products and processes, using company assets more efficiently, and saving costs. Even more promising, however, are the numerous opportunities to develop completely new, disruptive digital business models and value chains. A prerequisite for this is in any case a suitable network infrastructure. The requirements are best met by a Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

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“The integration of a company-wide security solution into our network with an application-centric perspective corresponds exactly to our needs. With the use of the A1 Digital SD-WAN, interference in voice and video communication accross the company and all locations is history.”

Hubert Willberger Senior Systems Engineer at Arineo GmbH