Arineo: Application-controlled network traffic and central security management





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With SD-WAN and CheckPoint for secure, hassle-free voice and video communication.

Why Arineo chose SD-WAN from A1 Digital


Flexibility in network traffic

The A1 Digital SD-WAN solution offers customers the possibility to manage and control their network traffic depending on the application.


No disruption of Teams meetings

By introducing a Quality of Service and prioritizing Microsoft Teams over all other applications on the network, meetings can be conducted without any disruption.


Additional protection thru CheckPoint

Check Point CloudGuard Connect protects clients in the Arineo network from infection from malicious files when accessing the internet. The Check Point CloudGuard prevents known attacks using domain, URL reputation, and IPS signatures and prevents communication with infected hosts by Command & Control servers (Anti-Bot).



It also prevents access to malicious websites through URL filtering, application control, domain and URL reputation, and anti-virus signatures. Sites that run dynamic content to exploit the vulnerabilities of their web browser (via IPS) are also inaccessible.

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“The integration of an enterprise-wide security solution into our network with the application-centric view is exactly what we want. With the use of the A1 Digital SD-WAN, the application in voice and video communication throughout the company and across all locations is a thing of the past. The expansion of SD-WAN in conjunction with Check Point CloudGuard in additional new locations is beyond question for us. Due to the very high service quality and the very good cooperation, we can also imagine working with A1 Digital in the field of additional services such as Exoscale".

Hubert Willberger Senior Systems Engineer at Arineo GmbH

The Challenge

Employees use Microsoft Teams for meetings, presentations, and video calls. However, employees repeatedly had to live with impairments, which ranged from loss of transmission quality to interruptions to voice and video communication. Distortions due to poor signal synchronization or packet loss, caused by a lack of prioritization of real-time communication over, for example, file transfer, ensured that the respondent only saw a black screen instead of a presentation. The end devices used had endpoint protection and there were security guidelines for employees, which were regularly reviewed. But there was no possibility of centralized control to secure corporate IT.

The solution to the problem emerged in a conversation with an employee of A1 Digital International GmbH, who discussed an SD-WAN solution in conjunction with Check Point CloudGuard Connect. In a proof of concepts, the solution proved its worth and Arineo commissioned A1 Digital to implement the solution.

The solution

The holistic solution approach not only guarantees hassle-free communication between the locations via the internet, but also secure browsing from every office and allows all locations to be managed centrally. The dial-in of employees who are not located in an Arineo location is implemented with A1 Digital Smart VPN. Central access to customer solutions and their management is provided via an S2S VPN and Client VPN connection. The evaluations or automated reports from the Check Point Infinity Portal provide Arineo with an overview of the threat situation at any time.

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