A1 Digital SD-WAN Solution Fixes ACTech Connection Problems





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With free PoC, A1 Digital demonstrates how quickly ACTech's line problems can be resolved at its Indian subsidiary.

Why ACTech chose SD-WAN from A1 Digital


A1 Digital as a experienced digitalization specialist

A1 Digital used an automated roll-out process to quickly solve the problem with Zero Touch Deployment. To do this, ACTech employees only had to connect the SD-WAN devices sent to Bangalore and enter an activation code. Special IT knowledge was not required for commissioning.


Stable network connection

After activation, the SD-WAN solution analysed the existing network connection and automatically executed the predetermined policies and necessary setups on the SD-WAN Box, so that a stable network connection between Bangalore and Freiberg could be established immediately.


Intelligent and flexible network

The software-defined WAN allows outbound traffic to be prioritized at packet level according to relevance. Priority is given to business-critical applications in the network and load peaks are managed intelligently and flexibly. A forward-error correction minimizes packet losses.


Increased network connection performance

Optimized, intelligent line bundling, Dynamic Pro Packet Control, and Multi Overlay technology have increased network connection performance and optimized line utilization. Slow-reacting or freezing applications are now a thing of the past at ACTech.

Case study actech zitat

“As part of a proof of concept (POC), we were able to test the functionality and quality of the SD-WAN connection without obligation and free of charge. With SD-WAN, A1 Digital has installed a good and up to now very reliable product for us, which was able to solve our problems - the poor Internet connections - very quickly and with little effort”

Steffen Kirbach Team Leader IT Services at ACTech GmbH

The Customer

Based in Freiberg, ACTech GmbH has been setting new qualitative and time standards for fast prototype production since 1995. Innovative, partly self-developed processes and technologies and a complete in-house processing of all processes ensure high-precision, ready-to-install casting prototypes in record time. Speed and reliability are the decisive factors that more than 1,200 companies worldwide - primarily from the automotive, mechanical engineering and aerospace sectors - now appreciate with ACTech. Short development times also mean lower development costs.

The Challenge

However, the perfectly organised workflows also required fast, smooth network connectivity to sales offices in the United States and India. From the very beginning, the employees in Bangalore, India, who work on the central IT infrastructure in Freiberg, had to contend with network problems and freezing applications.

The Solution

Only a free proof of concepts (PoC), in which A1 Digital implemented a VeloCloud SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) solution, solved the problem in one fell swoop. The high duration due to the range and infrastructure-related packet losses were ultimately responsible for the poor connectivity between the subsidiary in India and the head office in Germany.

After the 30-day free trial period, there was an uninterrupted transition to a chargeable service. The managed service package also includes high-quality operating services and a response time of 30 minutes in the event of errors.

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