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The construction industry is dependent on efficient use of machines in order to avoid unnecessary costs and downtimes. With innovative, digital solutions for fleet management they are future proof. Bodner Bau showcases that switching to digital work processes is worthwhile - and can be implemented without interference.

Why Bodner Bau chose the A1 Digital solution


Well-engineered M2M SIM chips

Competitiveness in the construction industry increasingly depends on efficiency in asset and machine management, which is made considerably more efficient and cost-effective by the well-engineered M2M SIM chips.


Modular, customizable and compatible solutions

Switching to digital asset networking threatens expensive downtime of vehicles and equipment during implementation, except for modular, customizable and highly compatible solutions such as A1 Digital.


Asset tracking by A1 Digital

Ineffective, decentralized data collection of machines scattered across hundreds of construction sites is a thing of the past, with bespoke fleet management and asset tracking solutions.

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"Uncomplicated installation and a tailor-made solution for our needs. A1 Digital's fleet management and asset tracking solution allows us to optimize machine utilization while reducing costs."

Mag. Ing. Thomas Bodner Managing Director of Bodner Bau GmbH & Co. KG

The Customer:

A1 Digital supports Bodner Bau from Kufstein in implementing Fleet Management and Asset Tracking solutions. The assembly, which has existed for more than 100 years and currently employs around 2,350 people, meets the growing demands of efficient machine management. The Group operates in the fields of building construction, civil engineering and asphalt, as well as a general contractor, property developer, project developer, ready-mixed concrete supplier, prefabricated reinforced concrete producer, iron bending company and building rubble recycler.

The Challenge:

Especially with such a broad service portfolio, efficient use of machines and their maintenance are of fundamental importance for the competitiveness of the company. The main problem so far has been the high maintenance costs of the machinery. These were the result of inaccurate maintenance cycles and insufficient maintenance coordination, which also required a high manual effort. Overall, vehicle and machine park management presented the company with enormous challenges.

The Solution:

Bodner Bau decided to tackle these challenges together with A1 Digital, and took advantage of the possibilities of individual advice and the tailor-made offers of the professional digital service provider.

To reduce maintenance costs and effort in the future, it was necessary to implement more transparent work processes. This includes above all the timely and correct electronic recording of mileage and operating hours. The aim was to optimize the coordination of maintenance cycles and the degree of utilization of the machines. In addition, the digitization of site management and reporting should increase the efficiency of business processes.

To achieve its goals, A1 Digital equipped the construction company, in cooperation with the telematics specialist Rosenberger Telematics, with a bespoke fleet management and asset tracking solution. The machines of Bodner Bau were networked according to individual requirements using a modular system. The installation of the new solutions did not cause significant machine downtimes or additional effort for Bodner Bau.

The system consists of an on-board computer with built-in M2M SIM card, sensors, backend software and front-end applications. Using the implemented technology, the construction vehicles now transmit real-time information about locations, operating times, log books and the condition of the vehicles via M2M communication. In addition, the mission can now be coordinated centrally, making it more convenient and efficient at the same time.

The Result:

The machines at Bodner Bau are now better utilized for efficient use at the right location. In addition, the vehicles have an effective anti-theft protection. With the automatic display of the maintenance cycles, the operating and maintenance costs were also reduced.

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