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Ventopay relies on the flexible and scalable networking of A1 Digital for its products.

Why ventopay chose the A1 Digital solution


Easy SIM management

Through a web-based interface, SIMplify offers the possibility to access all SIM cards in the system and to use the various functionalities for efficient and automated administration of the cards, such as the activation or deactivation of the SIM cards. The flexibility and ease of scalability make it easy to adapt to changing needs at any time.


Reporting insights

With the help of the reporting tool, information about the SIM cards used can be retrieved, consumption behavior can be checked and the costs incurred can be viewed. The corresponding reports are currently available for download at any time. Alternatively, the most important KPIs can also be displayed graphically in a dashboard.


Attractive pricing

The M2M tariff Bundles with Pooling (2GB per SIM card) booked by ventopay allows the efficient use of the existing data volume. This means that ventopay not only has full cost control at all times, but is also able to pass on the attractive price models to its customers.

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“At ventopay, the customer with its needs is in the foreground.” The A1 Digital solutions offer us the opportunity to react quickly to customer requests. With the help of the SIMplify Management Platform, we can independently and flexibly expand the systems and implement new requirements very efficiently. Depending on your needs, we can quickly and easily activate or deactivate data connections, which significantly reduces the administration effort.”

Ing. Johannes Reichenberger Managing Director ventopay GmbH

The Customer:

For more than 15 years, ventopay GmbH from Hagenberg has been synonymous with individual and innovative cash register systems in commercial catering. Business restaurants of small and large companies rely on the competence of ventopay as well as caterers, hospitals, universities, stadiums, schools and vending machine operators.

For example, the mocca.vend vending machine module enables employees to pay cashless and settle outside the opening hours of canteens. The module supports all card types and automatically detects which machine it is connected to. The mocca.value recharger offers the operator a variety of payment options for charging the chip cards used – from cash payments to debit, ATM or credit cards to top-up via salary account.

The Challenge:

For the monitoring and administration of the modules mocca.vend and mocca.value via SIM cards, ventopay was looking for a solution that was flexible in technical implementation and easily scalable. In addition, the SIM cards used should be administrable via a web platform and provide clear reporting. In search of a competent partner who could realize the requirements, ventopay was chosen by A1 Digital International GmbH from Vienna. The IoT specialist not only impressed with its proven M2M SIM cards, but also impressed ventopay with its bulk SIM management platform SIMplify.

The Solution:

The IoT platform from A1 Digital in combination with appropriate sensors and an IoT gateway.

Sensors placed in the various basement rooms of Hut & Stiel measure the CO2 value, temperature and humidity of the growing sites at short intervals. The sensors transmit the data to a box, the IoT gateway. All data is transmitted to the IoT platform via the SIM card (unlocked for national roaming) installed in the box. The IoT platform dashboard has a variety of visualization tools that allow Hut & Stiel to graphically display the different readings in real time. An alarm function warns against exceeding or falling below the limit values. The solution is designed in such a way that it can be supplemented at any time by sensors for additional readings and additional rooms. In addition, the IoT platform also offers the possibility to automatically control the various climate values. For example, the heating can be automatically powered up by so-called Smart Rules (if-then commands) when a certain temperature is exceeded or the air conditioning is activated when the temperature is too high. The platform has access to the functions of all devices and sensors and therefore enables their complete monitoring and remote control.

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