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Explore how Enable AI, an industry-leading provider of artificial intelligence training programs, harnesses Exoscale's robust cloud solutions for its 'Deep Learning Engineer' certificate course. Aimed at specialists and project managers, the course imparts knowledge about the business value of Deep Learning, its code implementation, and the underlying technical concepts. Exoscale's reliable infrastructure enables participants to have dedicated virtual machines with its own GPU and SSD. The platform's consistent uptime and high performance, along with the diligent support from their service technicians, ensure seamless training delivery and participant satisfaction. Enable AI’s focus on practical applications, powered by Exoscale, helps businesses understand and implement AI algorithms effectively in their operations.

Why Enable AI Partners with Exoscale


Reliable Performance

Exoscale's high and consistent availability ensures smooth and uninterrupted operations for Enable AI's deep learning training modules.


Swift Support

Exoscale's expert service technicians provide rapid responses, ensuring any issues are promptly addressed and resolved for Enable AI.


Transparent Offer

Exoscale's clear and understandable offerings enable Enable AI to effectively utilize their services for creating a rich, practical training environment.

Empowering Deep Learning Through Practical Training: Enable AI's Journey with Exoscale

Practical relevance is very important, as our participants come from very different industries and have different levels of familiarity with the subject matter,“ attests Jan Köhler, Deep Learning and Data Science trainer. The founder of training company Enable AI has developed an eight-day certificate course „Training to become a Deep Learning Engineer“ which is run for several months.

The participants are specialists or project managers planning to either use Deep Learning within their company or are responsible for its implementation. They want to understand „what kind of business value can be generated through Deep Learning, how its implementation happens within the code, and the technical background involved,“ explains Jan Köhler. The goal of the course modules is to „explain the concepts in order for participants to understand the technology behind the code implementation.“ Therefore, very little prior nowledge of the subject matter is required: „Anyone who has programmed before and has ever worked with data has come to the right place here.

Jan Koehler enable ai

Exoscale technicians are always available to us and never lose patience.

Jan Köhler Enable AI

Exoscale is the partner behind the technical implementation of these seminars. Enable AI creates a separate station for each participant on a virtual machine running on the Ubuntu operating system, with its own GPU and SSD. A Jupyter notebook is made available to the participants, which can be used to execute the Deep Learning code. Exoscale provides a NVIDIA® P100, measured to the second, as well as brand-new, high-performance A40 processors, each shared by three participants.

Setting up the training environment is easy for Enable AI: the Python code for participants is hosted on GitHub. Enable AI keeps the real-world data needed for the Deep Learning training in persistent S3-storage at Exoscale and copies it into each participant’s environment.

Why Exoscale?

Fail-safe operation

Easy startup of stations

Fast solutions

Following each two-day seminar module, participants receive a 30-hour credit on their GPU for any in-depth work they are required to complete. This approach works well: “We have seen how quickly participants get creative and start working on their own use cases,” says Jan Köhler.

Jan kohler is very happy about the cooperation with exoscale: "Their service technicians are readily available to us at all times and never lose patience. And exoscale are 100% reliable. We've never had an outage, which isn't a matter of course with all cloud providers," says the trainer. But its essential for training implementation and the only way to ensure participant satisfaction.

No wonder classes always receive top marks on the feedback forms.

Wolfgang brücker a1 digital

It is essential for the technology to work 100%, particularly for our customers in the training sector.

Wolfgang Brücker Account Manager, A1 Digital

About Enable AI

Enable AI is a specialized provider of artificial intelligence training programs for businesses on Deep Learning, Machine Learning and Data Science. Since 2017, its renowned trainers have been conducting public as well as company in-house courses both in classrooms and online. The focus is on practical applications, providing participants with a thorough understanding of algorithms and their utilization in a business environment.

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