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DeinDeal uses scalable Swiss Cloud Hosting platform for its own IT infrastructure.

Why DeinDeal chose Exoscale



This IaaS platform offers customers not only a number of central infrastructure components but also flexibly adaptable, easy-to-manage and scalable cloud infrastructure services.


Attractive Pricing

Exoscale offers a transparent, needs-based pricing structure.


GDPR compliance

Exoscale also scores points with DeinDeal with its high level of data protection, which ensures that all data is also hosted in Switzerland and is therefore subject to the strict Swiss data protection laws.

Alexandre Branquart 1

"As one of the leading cloud providers in Switzerland, Exoscale not only offers a flexible, rich and competitive IaaS offering, but is constantly developing exciting new features that simplify our work and accelerate our deployment and maintenance. The Exoscale team has provided excellent support throughout."

Alexandre Branquart CTO & Co-Founder of DeinDeal

DeinDeal was impressed by a smooth and fast transition to the cloud

Very successful POC

Bare metal migration process to the new cloud hosting platform was quickly started.

Production infrastructure could be migrated to Exoscale without interruption

Therefore after just a few months, the preprod and staging platforms were also moved in a timely manner.

Hundreds of instances

... are now running in several Exoscale data centers in Switzerland to support DeinDeal's internal teams and customers.

Other projects for the migration of applications

...such as the ERP system, are currently in the implementation phase.

About DeinDeal

DeinDeal, founded in 2010, is one of the largest e-commerce sites in Switzerland. Every day, the DeinDeal channel presents new and current offers on exclusive brand, lifestyle and cosmetic products, tourism and travel offers and local deals, all at high discounts. With its Flash offers, DeinDeal offers consumers high-quality products at an absolutely affordable price for a limited period of time. The high traffic generated on its sales platform presents DeinDeal with the daily challenge of ensuring that the promise of a great digital customer experience is delivered by ensuring that the website is consistently fast, available and easy to use.

The challenge

The continued growth of DeinDeal and the associated scalability requirements demanded greater flexibility and agility at the infrastructure level and a reduction in the total cost of ownership. To this end, DeinDeal began looking for a partner in 2018 who would be able to migrate the staging, preproduction and production environments previously hosted on a bare-metal basis to a cloud hosting platform that offered the necessary flexibility and TCO reduction. In addition, the infrastructure should be hosted in Switzerland for low latency, data protection and support.

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