eyeson: GDPR-compliant video conferencing from the European cloud





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Video conferencing provider eyeson relies on A1 Digital. The reason: The European Exoscale Cloud is not only secure and compliant, but meets demanding requirements for performance and scaling.

Why eyeson chose Exoscale


European cloud hosting

With data centers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Bulgaria, Exoscale, A1 Digital's cloud platform, is ensuring GDPR compliance.


Strong performance

Virtual machines start within seconds. The platform scales and shows no delays even during large video conferences


Great for video conferencing

Each video conference takes place on its own virtual server

Eyeson case study andreas kroepfl

"We were looking for a provider that could both operate European data centers and manage the scaling."

Andreas Kröpfl Managing Director at eyeson

Top performance for video conferencing

Two Mbit per second times 60 per minute times 60 per hour

The Customer:

"We offer our customers the choice where their video conferences are hosted." Andreas Kröpfl is Managing Director at eyeson, an Austrian provider of cloud-based video conferencing solutions designed for team collaboration. For a long time, eyeson has exclusively used Amazon's AWS platform as a basis. In their search for a European cloud provider with whom the company could implement DSGVO-compliant solutions, the Graz-based company then found what they were looking for in A1 Digital. This was triggered by the Vienna agency moodley's request for a DSGVO-compliant hosting solution. The company is internationally active, working in agile teams distributed over various locations. In day-to-day business, video conferencing is one of the essential tools.

The Challenge: The Cloud Act

The decision makers at moodley were particularly concerned about the US CLOUD Act. They saw the sensitive data of their customers in danger. Because according to the US CLOUD Act, US authorities have access to the data of US companies, no matter where it is actually stored. A regulation that is in stark contrast to the European basic data protection regulation (DSGVO). "With the CLOUD Act, the American authorities can also brutally access data in European data centers of US providers. Not all of our European customers like this," confirms Kröpfl. "This is precisely where one of our most important unique selling points lies, with which we differentiate ourselves from the large hyperscalers," explains Mathias Nöbauer, Director Cloud at A1 Digital.

Centralized storage ensures the whereabouts of data

eyeson records video conferences exclusively centrally. After the conference, the system stores the recording on the Exoscale Cloud or transfers it to the customer's infrastructure. Exoscale then deletes the server again. This has the advantage that the whereabouts of personal data, of which every video conference essentially consists, is always clear and traceable. Especially the DSGVO-compliant storage of recordings with a reliable and secure cloud provider was an important criterion for moodley to choose Exoscale. Exoscale is well received by eyeson's customers. In the meantime, 50 mostly medium-sized companies are already hosting their video conferences on the European cloud platform. And the interest continues to grow, says Kröpfl.

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